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Byron Watchable Wildlife Area

Byron Hatchery Watchable Wildlife Area entrance sign

Byron Hatchery Watchable Wildlife Area (WWA) is a destination on the Great Plains Trail and showcases three different habitats in a 40-acre area. Byron WWA includes a 1/2-mile self-guided trail through a cat-tail marsh, forested swamp and restored mid-grass prairie. The trail contains informational signs, observation blinds and piers to get visitors closer to wildlife. Other features designed to attract wildlife include bat houses, chimney swift tower, a barn owl nest house and a bluebird trail.





Byron Hatchery Nature Center signLocated adjacent to the Byron state fish hatchery that provides sportsfish such as saugeye, walleye, striped bass hybrids and smallmouth bass for statewide stocking, Byron WWA has an ever-changing variety of wildlife and blooming plants. Schools and citizens are encouraged to visit both sites to see what’s new. The WWA is open for self-guided tours daily during sunlight hours; weekday visitors also can tour the fish hatchery from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Directions to Byron Hatchery:

Byron Hatchery Watchable Wildlife Area is located north of Great Salt Plains Refuge. From the junction of Highways 38 and 11, go north two miles and turn west at the first intersection. 

For more information or to schedule a wildlife tour, call 405-990-4977. 

Learn more about the Byron state fish hatchery by watching this YouTube video.

Birds seen at Byron Hatchery Watchable Wildlife Area during the Bird & Crystal Festival

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