Attracting Bats


I want bats in my yard. The best way to attract some bats is to provide housing. Bats have to find new roosts on their own. You can not lure or bait bats. Bats look for new roosting opportunities while foraging at night. They can detect crevices, cracks, nooks and crannies.

Temperatures play an important role for mama bats raising their young. The bat box can not be placed where it may get too hot or too cold.

Once you have attracted bats you must maintain the bat houses to keep bats coming back year after year.

For more information and plans to build your own bat boxes check out the Bat House Builder's Handbook sold through the outdoor store. You can also learn more about bat at the Bat Conservation International website

The Bat House Builder’s Handbook

Once bats were popular only during Halloween, but these nocturnal mammals are now enjoying their place in the conservation limelight. This 34-page book provides plans for building bat houses, discusses research on species that use bat houses and just about everything else a bat fan should know.


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The most common bats observed in our neighborhoods are bats that roost behind leaves up in the top of trees and will not be interested in bat houses. These bats are known as foliage dwelling bats.