Removing Bats


If you have a bat in flying in your house, don't panic. They are more scared then trying to get you. All you need to do is open the the window or door and let the bat fly out. 

Attics can provide a good roost environment and bats can often enter these areas where the sides of a house meet the rood or chimney.

How to remove bats from your home


1. Provide alternative housing for the bats before you start excluding them from your home. Check out the Outdoor Store for the Bat Builder's Handbook and

2. Identify all the areas where a bat can get inside the house. Have family and friends help you over several evenings find where bats are leaving the house.

3. Place hardware cloth over all the entrance points by duct taping three sides of the cloth to the house. Bats will crawl down the hardware cloth to escape but they cannot regain entrance. Leave on for several days.

4. Seal permanently all the most obvious entry points.


The timing of when you do your bat removal is very important. Your bat removal should be done between mid-August and mid-May. This is the time when the young bats have been weaned and can fly, but the bats are not yet breeding again. This time frame is appropriate for Oklahoma. Bat removal at any other time is inhumane, and will trap bats in your home, creating other problems.