Oklahoma Nestbox Project Survey Results


The Oklahoma Nestbox Trails Project was initiated in 1985 to enhance habitat for cavity-nesting birds in Oklahoma and reverse the population decline noted for the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis). The project depends entirely upon volunteers to place the boxes in suitable habitat, monitor usage, control competition from House Sparrows, alleviate predation problems and report the nesting season’s results. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Wildlife Diversity Program would like to especially give credit to those trail reporters who take the time and have the dedication to establish extensive trails and report on them.

The Wildlife Diversity Program would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the Oklahoma Bluebird Society (OBS) for promoting bluebird conservation in Oklahoma.  If you wish to learn more about your bluebirds please consider joining this important conservation organization. They have already made a significant contribution to conservation by encouraging trail monitors to provide us with their data. The database of the Oklahoma Nestbox Trail Project provides a “window” into the conservation of cavity-nesters- particularly bluebirds- in Oklahoma. Membership includes receiving their excellent newsletter, The Hole Story, which provides good information about monitoring bluebird nesting activities and habitat enhancement. Heart-warming stories and poems provided by members will offer inspiration! A membership form is included in your packet.

The staff of the Oklahoma Wildlife Diversity Program wishes to extend our sincerest “thank you” to all trail monitors who know the work, the joy and the frustrations of maintaining a bluebird trail. For more information about the Oklahoma Bluebird Society please contact Herb Streator at 1-918-806-2489.


Survey Results


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