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Eagle Viewing Sites


Less than 30 years ago, the Bald Eagle was struggling to survive in America's lower 48 states. Thanks to strong protection and avid recovery efforts, eagle populations have increased 7-fold since the early 1970s. This Bald Eagle again soars across the American sky.

Eagle viewing activities exist statewide throughout the winter. Java script must be enabled to view the following links

map of oklahoma marking where the viewing events take place

Eagle Viewing Sites

1 - Arcadia Lake
2 - Lake Thunderbird State Park
3 - Chickasaw National Recreation Area
4 - Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge
5 - Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge
6 - Lone Wolf (Quartz Mountain)
7- Washita National Wildlife Refuge
8 - Sequoyah State Park, Hulbert
9 - Kaw Lake, Kaw City (east of Ponca City)
10 - Sand Springs
11 - Ft. Gibson Reservoir
12 - Beavers Bend State Park
13 - Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuges
14 - Grove
15 - Greenleaf State Park


Keep in mind:

  • Events are free of charge unless a fee is noted in the site description
  • Some events require pre-registration due to limited space
  • Last-minute changes happen occasionally - call and verify the viewing date and time before arrival
  • Bring binoculars or a spotting scope for best viewing Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes