Long-nosed Darter (Percina nasuta)

(State-listed as Endangered)


Long-nosed DarterDescription: A small, slender fish approximately two to 2.5 inches in length with a slightly elongate head and snout. The body is a dull yellowish color with 10-14 dark vertical blotches along each side. It feeds on small aquatic invertebrates.

Habitat: The Long-nosed Darter occurs in clear, rocky perennial streams. During its spring spawning season, it is found in gravel riffles. During other times of the year, it is found in deeper, quieter pools within the stream.

Current and Historic Distribution: Currently, the Long-nosed Darter is found within Oklahoma only in Lee Creek and Little Lee Creek in eastern Adair and Sequoyah counties. Outside of Oklahoma, it occurs in portions of western Arkansas. Historically, this species once occurred in the Poteau River and its major tributaries in LeFlore County.

Reasons for Decline: This species has been negatively affected by reservoir construction that submerges its preferred habitat and isolates populations above and below dams. To a lesser extent it has been affected by increased amounts of silt and sediment in streams and possibly by past pesticide use.


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