ESA Section 6 Projects


Endangered Species Act, Section 6 Projects    
Grant NameGrant Number Job NumberProject Start DateProject End Date
Ecology and Management of Isolated Populations of the Black-Capped Vireo (Vireo atricapullus) In OklahomaE-1 19861992
Leopard Darter Reproductive Biology Study in Southeastern OklahomaE-2 19861987
Status and Habitat Relationship of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in OklahomaE-3119891991
Micor- and Macrohabitat Characteristics of Caves Within the Range of the Ozark Big-Eared Bat in Eastern OklahomaE-3219891991
Management of the Endangered Ozark Big-Eared Bat: Continued Cave Searches and Colony MonitoringE-3319911992
Of the Endnagered Ozark Big-Eared Bat: Telemetry InvestigationsE-3419911994
Status Survey and Habitat Analysis of Stenotrema gilsbryi Rich Mountain SlitmouthE-4 1989 
Survey and Species Determination of Cave Crayfish in OklahomaE-5 19891991
Hydrogeology of Ozark Cavefish CavesE-6 19891990
Status survey of the western fanshell and the Neosho mucket in Oklahoma E-7 1990 
Life History and Distribution of the Arkansas River Shiner in OklahomaE-8119891991
Status of the Neosho madtom in OklahomaE-821991 
Status of the speckled chub in the Arkansas River basin E-8319911993
Leopard darter mark and recapture studyE-8419931996
Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens) Population and Protection System Monitoring E-9 19891995
Habitat Use and Reporductive Biology of Arkansia wheeleri (Mollusca: Unionidae) In the Kiamichi River, OklahomaE-12 19901993
Habitat Use and Genetic Characterization and Variability in the American Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus Americanus, in OklahomaE-13 19901994
Preliminary assessment of black-tailed prairie dog colonies for reintroduction of black-footed ferrets in western Oklahoma E-14 19901991
Distribution and land use history of prairie mole cricket lek sites in OklahomaE-16 19911992
Determination of the distribution and abundance of the Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) in OklahomaE-18 19911993
Least Tern "Share the Beach" Public Service Announcement campaignE-19 19911992
Red-cockaded Woodpecker recovery work on the McCurtain County Wilderness Area. E-21 1992Ongoing
Management and Cave Protection for the Ozark Big-eared Bat(Corynorhinus townsendii ingens) and Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens) in Oklahoma E-22 1993Ongoing
Status survey of the Ouachita dusky salamander E-24 19931995
Mountain plover breeding activity on cultivated fields E-26 19931995
Status survey for three candidate aquatic invertebrates in the Arbuckle MountainsE-27 19931995
Status Survey of the Arkansas Darter in Eastern Oklahoma E-28 19931995
Reintroduction of the Arkansas River Speckled Chub and Taxonomic Status and Genetic Structure of the Speckled Chub in the Arkansas and Red River Drainages E-29 19941998
Mist-net Surveys for Endangered and Candidate Bat Species on Public Lands in Eastern OklahomaE-30 19941996
Survey and Management of Interior Least Terns and Snowy Plovers on the Canadian River in Central and Western OklahomaE-31 19942001
Determination of Habitat Requirements for the Arkansas River ShinerE-33 19941995
Determination of the status and habitat preference of the Neosho Mucket in Oklahoma E-34 19941997
Distribution and Ecology of the Swift Fox (Vulpes velox)E-35 19941997
American Burying Beetle SurveyE-36 19941995
Development of a Texas Horned Lizard Educational Brochure and Volunteer Report FormE-37 1995 
Black-capped Vireo Survey on Public Land in Central OklahomaE-39 19951996
Status, distribution, and habitat use of the alligator snapping turtle in Oklahoma E-40 19961999
Bachman's Sparrow Survey and Habitat Characterization on Southeastern Oklahoma Wildlife Management AreasE-41 19961998
Reproductive Enhancement and Population Monitoring of Black-Capped Vireos in Blaine CountyE-45 1997Ongoing
Survey of Major Tributaries of the Kiamichi River for the Ouachita Rock Pocketbook and Other Rare MusselsE-46 1997 
Public Survey for Information Related to Eastern Spotted Skunk SightingsE-47 1997 
Monitoring of Known Populations of the Rich Mountain Slitmouth SnailE-48 1997 
Monitoring of Oklahoma's Swift Fox PopulationE-49 19982000
Status of the Mountain Plover in Cimarron CountyE-51 1999 
Determining Acreage of Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colonies in Northwest OklahomaE-53 20002002
Development of Umbrella Candidate Conservation Agreements for Shortgrass Prairie WildlifeE-55 2001Ongoing
Mid-story Thinning on the McCurtain County Wilderness Area to Enhance Habitat for Red-Cockaded WoodpeckerE-56 2001Ongoing
Monitoring of Arkansia wheeleri populations in the Kiamichi RiverE-59 2003Ongoing