Farm Pond Fish Stocking Program


The Department’s farm pond fish stocking program is designed to help owners of new or reclaimed farm ponds create a fishery by providing largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill to qualified pond owners. To receive fish from the Department a number of conditions must be met.

All ponds must be at least a half-acre in surface size and the pond’s owner must agree to allow law enforcement personnel to examine the pond prior to stocking and check licenses of those fishing at the pond. Additionally, no fish will be provided for private ponds which charge a fee for fishing, and no fish will be provided for ponds that have existing fish populations. All applicants to the program must have a current Oklahoma fishing license, even though they may otherwise be exempt. '

The Department offers a free brochure entitled How To Get Fish for Your Farm Pond.


Any pond owner is eligible to apply if the pond is at least a half-acre in surface size and contains no existing fish populations. There can be no fee charged for fishing the pond and the owner must have a current fishing license.

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    Who To Contact

    For an application or additional information contact the Fisheries Division at (405) 521-3721.

    How to Enroll

    Contact the Fisheries Division by mail or phone to receive an application. Complete a separate application for each pond and return it to the address on the application. The applicant will then be sent a letter advising him of the application number (s) and the appropriate time fish will be available. The game warden in your county will arrange an on site evaluation of the pond(s). When fish are available, you will then receive a notification by mail with the date, time, town and location where the fish can be picked up.