Landowner of the Year


What makes a good land steward?

A land steward is entrusted with the ongoing care for the land to benefit both the human and wildlife communities of the state. They take an active role in managing their property for the benefit of wildlife without compromising other interests for the land. A good land steward is a model for other landowners with the same goals. They manage their land with a grazing system to ensure both nutritious forage for cattle and quality habitat for upland birds; ponds and creeks are carefully fenced to improve wildlife habitat around these sensitive areas and incorporates a number of management practices that will benefit wildlife on the property including: prescribed burns, restoring riparian zones, and creating wetland development units on the property.

To be considered for the prestigious ODWC Landowner of the Year Award, landowners must demonstrate a commitment to managing their property to provide benefits for wildlife.

For more information on the Department's Landowner of the Year program, contact private lands biologist Mike Sams at (405) 590-2584.


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