Oklahoma Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan (OLEPCCP)


Photo Credi Gary Kramer USDA NRCSWelcome to the Home Page of the Oklahoma Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan (OLEPCCP).

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) is pleased to announce the completion and availability of the Oklahoma Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan, a conservation plan to address the decline of the lesser prairie chicken (LEPC) in Oklahoma. The conservation plan will identify management strategies to improve LEPC population viability through improvements to LEPC habitat emphasizing tools and incentives to encourage landowners to partner with agencies in conservation efforts while achieving their land use needs (See Project Background). The Oklahoma House of Representatives provided direction for development of the LEPC conservation plan in a Concurrent Resolution adopted in April 2011 (see Resolution).

Two draft versions of the LEPC conservation plan were distributed for public comment in April and May 2012 and meetings were held with the general public and affected stakeholders to discuss comments on these drafts. Prior to completing the final plan, ODWC accepted additional public comments through August 30, 2012 on revised boundaries for six of the 15 core conservation areas designated in the plan.  The final plan has been completed and is now available to the public.

The OLEPCCP was developed through a planning process that involved scientists, managers, a wide range of affected stakeholders and the general public. The plan was prepared by Dr. Jon Haufler of the Ecosystem Management Research Institute (EMRI), under contract to the ODWC.

Please continue to visit this project website for information about the LEPC conservation action plan.

Thank you very much for your interest and involvement!