Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Conservation Program



The LESSER PRAIRIE CHICKEN HABITAT CONSERVATION PROGRAM (LEPCHCP) offered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) is designed to help private landowners develop, preserve, restore, enhance and/or manage wildlife habitat on their land. Through LEPCHCP, landowners receive technical and financial assistance to develop and maintain Lesser Prairie Chicken habitat.
To improve wildlife habitat, ODWC will enter into 10-year agreements with interested landowners to help fund approved projects. ODWC will share the cost of the habitat improvement with qualified persons for up to 75% of the proposed project. In exchange, the participant agrees to maintain the project for a minimum of 10 years.


The primary wildlife species targeted by LEPCHCP is lesser prairie chickens.  
Although lesser prairie chickens are the primary beneficiaries of the LEPCHCP, many other species, including Threatened and Endangered species and Species of Special Concern, benefit from LEPCHCP activities.

Eligible Objectives

Brush Management, Water Development, Habitat Incentive, Native Grass Planting, Fence Marking, Fence Removal, Fire Break, Prescribed Fire


A Habitat Coordinator will contact applicants to discuss objectives and to schedule an onsite evaluation. If the site is suitable, the habitat coordinator will work with the applicant to develop a habitat management plan. The plan will specify the project(s) to be completed along with cost estimates.
All proposed plans will be reviewed by a committee to determine approval and funding.
Applicants will be notified if they will be awarded a contract to participate in LEPCHCP. A signed and notarized contract along with the habitat improvement plan must be filed at the County Courthouse in which the land is located prior to financial reimbursement.
Following completion the participant will schedule an inspection with the habitat coordinator and present receipts of work completed. Participants will be reimbursed for up to 75% of the contracted costs (based on actual costs) within 90 days of receipt of the reimbursement form.

For additional information, contact the LEPCHCP Habitat Coordinator at (580) 334-4459 .


Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Conservation Program Application click here.