Mineral Exploration and/or Activity on ODWC Managed Lands

As stewards of lands entrusted to ODWC, it is our priority to protect the integrity of the wildlife and environmental resources therein for present and future generations.

Any mineral exploration and/or activity on ODWC managed land includes, but is not limited to: Mineral Leasing; Oil & Gas Exploration; Pipeline, Power line, and Road Construction; and Seismographic Survey.

When pursuing an interest in any of these activities, it is necessary to follow our prescribed procedural policy:

1. Submit a written request of intent

* MUST be on company letterhead

* MUST include a detailed description of activity

* MUST include legal description of land(s) affected

2. Submit an official plat map of area involved

3. Submit copies of all necessary/required permits from Oklahoma Corporation Commission

4. Submit a Proof of Performance Surety Bond in the amount of $10,000.00

Upon receiving above information, the request will be reviewed by the Wildlife Lands & Minerals Coordinator- who will then establish necessary contacts and working relationships with interested parties.

For more information concerning Mineral Exploration and/or Activity on ODWC Managed Lands, please contact:

Kristen Gillman
Wildlife Lands & Minerals Coordinator
(405) 522-6281

[References: Title 800:30-3 / Title 29; 3-304]