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               P A R T N E R S  I N  C ON S E RV A T I ON

          A simple “thank you” cannot express the extent of appreciation for those   Do You Care About Wildlife?
          who go above and beyond to lend a hand. Such is the case with the   OKLAHOMA  Help Us Protect Them...
          many groups that have become invaluable Partners in Conservation for
          Oklahoma’s tremendous natural resources. Contributions and support for   Operation Game Thief (OGT) is a program
          the Wildlife Department, from quality organizations like these, ultimately   WILDLIFE CONSERVATION  of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF
          benefits sportsmen and women and the conservation of wildlife and habitat   Conservation designed specifically to
          in Oklahoma. Partners listed here contributed at least $5,000 in 2020.  stop illegal killing of the fish and game
                                                                              which belong to you, whether you’re an
          The Wildlife Department also extends sincere gratitude to the many other groups and   angler, sportsman or outdoor enthusiast.
          individuals who provide support through monetary gifts or in-kind products and services in   It’s a big problem with no simple solution.
          support of all Department activities. This list does not include our partners who contribute   Help from public sportsmen and sports-
          to the Department's Wildlife Expo. Thank you, partners!             women makes all the difference.
                                                                              Here’s why:
                                                                              •  One day before the opening of a
            •  Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever Oklahoma Chapters                recent deer season, two poachers
              to support habitat projects on Wildlife Management Areas          killed four whitetail bucks.
                                                                              •  Late one summer night, three men
            •  National Wild Turkey Federation for support of habitat           steered their boat across a state res-
              enhancement on public and private lands statewide (including      ervoir, stopped at their illegal net site
              several WMAs open to public hunting), plus major support for      and hauled in a load of striped bass
              ODWC outdoor educational programs.                                and other open-water fish they could
            •  City of Grove for a large-scale fish habitat project at          sell for $1 a pound on the commer-
              Grand Lake.                                                       cial market.
            •  Chickasaw Nation for habitat and user facility improvement   104 W. 3 rd  Street         Grove, Oklahoma 74344      In each of these examples, you were the

                                                                (918) 786-6107     Fax (918) 786-8939

              at Arbuckle Springs WMA.                                        loser. You lost hunting and fishing oppor-

                                                                              tunities or the chance to view wildlife in

            •  Blue River Fly Fishers for the purchase of trout for the            their natural surroundings. At the same
              catch and release portion of the Blue River Public Fishing and              time, law-abiding sportsmen received a
              Hunting Area and for general improvements to the area.           bad reputation from those who fail to dis-

            •  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for habitat work on              tinguish between legal and illegal hunting.

              Cherokee WMA.                                                   OGT is something everyone can do to

                                                                              help wildlife and help us apprehend the

            •  Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation for the      104 W. 3 rd  Street         Grove, Oklahoma 74344   poachers.

                                                               (918) 786-6107     Fax (918) 786-8939
              continued support with conservation projects throughout all
              of Oklahoma.                                                    The OGT toll-free phone
                                                                              number is (800) 522-8039.
                                                                              Callers can remain anonymous.
           O   p e  r a t i o n   G  a  m   e  T  h  i e f  t r a i l e r  is  o n   t h e   m   o v  e !
           Operation Game Thief trailer is on the move!
           Thanks to generous contributions from the Oklahoma Station Chapter Safari Club International and Safari Club International, the Department has
           equipped a traveling trailer to highlight the importance of obeying game laws. The Operation Game Thief trailer is hitting the roads and educating
           Oklahomans young and old about wildlife conservation. Keep your eyes peeled; the trailer may be coming to an area near you!

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