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          G E N E R A L  F I S H I N G  R EG U L A T I O N S

                                            must be returned to the water immediately).
                                            No person may bury or burn any dead fish
                                            where it will become exposed through ero-
        Whitney Jenkins                   •  Dispose of dead fish, fish remains, or fish
                                            sion or where that land is at any time subject
                                            to overflow.
                                            carcasses into waters of this state within 100
                                            yards of a boat ramp, or designated swim-
                                            ming area except where an official fish clean-
        Regulation Changes                  ing station has been provided or where fish
                                            cleaning is specifically authorized.
          The following are brief descriptions of regu-  •  Sell, barter or trade fish, frogs or turtles, ex-  Williamstown, MA  |  Birmingham, AL
        lation changes. This summary of regulation   cept with a commercial license.
        changes is intended to be used as a reference   •  Enter, swim, wade, operate a boat or a float or
        only. You are required to be familiar with all   floating device in any safety zone (the water
        the changes to regulations that apply to each   area below any dam for a distance of 50 yards
        of these items.                     from base of the dam).             About This Guide
          In addition to general housekeeping changes   •  Use, operate or park vehicles not registered
        and reorganization of Title 800, fishing regu-  for use on public roadways under Vehicle
        lation changes for 2021-2022 include the fol-  Code 47 O.S. 1971, 15-101 through 15-114, on
                                            lands owned or managed by the Wildlife   This high-quality guide is offered to you
                                            Department.                       by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
        •  New combined three-fish bag limit for Close   •  Possess fish, or parts thereof, taken by an-
          to Home waters                    other person without written information   Conservation through its unique partner-
        •  New combined three-trout statewide limit   which includes the taker’s customer ID num-  ship with J.F. Griffin Publishing, LLC.
        •  Removal of Monday and Friday catch and   ber, date taken, and number and kind of fish,   The revenue generated through ad sales
          release requirement for paddlefish   plus name and address of person receiving
        •  Alligator gar catch and release permitted   those fish.            significantly lowers production costs and
          only with rod and reel          •  Use and/or place into lakes and reservoirs   generates savings. These savings translate
        •  Removal of restrictions on tiger muskie   of this state any container, including but not   into additional funds for other important
        •  Changed labeling requirements for fishing   limited to drums, cans, tubs, boxes or barrels   agency programs.
          equipment (use Customer ID number)   which attract, entice or lure fish into an open
        •  Reduced snagging restrictions on the Ar-  cavity within the container.  If you have any feedback or are inter-
          kansas River                    •  Use or possess any controlled and/or danger-  ested in advertising, please contact us at
        •  Allowed non-motorized boats on Doc Hol-  ous substance as defined in 63 O.S., Section   413.884.1001 or at
          lis Lake
                                            2-101 on any lands or waterways subject to the   Graphic Design:
                                            control of the Wildlife Department.
        General Regulations               •  Use Jet Skis, jet boats and other similar non-  Jon Gulley, Dane Fay, John Corey,
                                            propeller-driven watercraft in the upper Il-  Evelyn Haddad, Chris Sobolowski
        Game Fish                           linois River above the confluence with Baron
          Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass;   Fork Creek.
        black and white crappie; rainbow and brown   •  Tamper with the trotline, throwline, jugline
        trout; sauger, saugeye and walleye; white and   or limbline of another person without per-
        striped bass; blue and channel catfish. Species   mission from that person.
        not listed are nongame fish.      •  Stock aquatic organisms in any public waters
                                            including streams and rivers without writ-
        It is unlawful to:                  ten consent from the Wildlife Department
        •  Fish without carrying a license (mobile app   director.
          or hardcopy) or written evidence that you   •  Possess a game fish, hybrid striped bass or
          are exempt.                       flathead catfish that has been filleted or had
        •  Fish upon the land of another without con-  its head or tail removed while actively engag-
          sent of the owner, lessee or occupant of that   ing in fishing.
          land. Anglers must obtain permission to en-  •  Possess fish in a tailwater without keeping
          ter any posted or occupied land or land pri-  their fish separate, marked with their custom-
          marily devoted to farming, ranching or for-  er ID number. See Tailwaters section in the
          estry purposes. Nothing in this guide shall be   "Public Fishing Waters" special regulations.
          interpreted as permitting fishing or allowing   •  Use at any time in the waters of this state for
          access into any area, public or private, with-  taking, catching, capturing or killing any
          out permission from the owners or custodian   game or nongame fish with any of the follow-
          as required by law, this includes lands with   ing: any rotenone or other poison, dynamite
          rivers and/or creeks flowing through them.   or other explosive, or any electrical device
          Consent is not valid for more than one year,   used for shocking purpose.
          unless the owner, lessee, or occupant grants   •  No resident or nonresident shall have in their
          consent for a specified period of time.  possession, in the field, more than one (1)
        •  Catch fish that are dead or die as a result of   daily bag limit listed in 800:10-1-5 and 800:10-
          angling from any waters of the state, and   1-6. Nonresidents shall not have more than   This guide is also
          not remove those fish and bury or burn   two (2) daily bag limits in their possession at   available online at
          them, except nothing will prevent anglers   any time other than in the field.
          from returning fish remains, meaning any
          fish that has been filleted or has had the en-
          trails removed, to lakes and reservoirs (any
          fish that does not meet length requirements

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