ODWC Bids and Solicitations


Note: It is the vendors responsibility to send the bid/solicitation to the address listed on the bid documents. Any bids/solicitation submitted to the wrong address may not be considered.

Current Bids at ODWC

Bid/Solicitation #AmendedClosing DateDescriptionVendor Name
408CNo ClosedHerbicide Application of Salt Cedars Beaver River SystemTri-Rotor Crop Services LLC
407CNo ClosedMaintenance Wildlife WMAs in Muskogee & Wagoner CountiesJ & S Dozer and Excavation
410CNo Cancelled2,650 Meals for OKSSSP State and Regional Shoots
412CNo Closed300 Total Acres of Soil Disking - Copan WMA
413CNo ClosedFour 20 Foot x 2 Foot 4,700 Gallon Non-Skid Bottom Fiberglass Stock Tank with Delivery
415CNo Closed1,600 Embroidered Caps - Hats with Habitat Donor Logo and Outdoor Oklahoma LogoQuickstitch Alterations Inc
414CNo Closed300 Rolls of New Barbed Wire and 6,500 T-PostsShoop & Sons
419CNo CancelledFacility Rental of OKNASP and Varsity Archery State Shoot Event Tulsa, OK area.
420CYes ClosedBranding Strategy Consultation
410C-REBIDNo Closed2,650 Meals for OKSSSP State and Regional Shoots, Spring 2020Joes Barbecue 2 South Tulsa LLc
002ANo Closed135 hours dozer with operator rental at Deep Fork WMAMontgomery Dozer Service LLC
004ANo ClosedOkmulgee WMA 190 hrs bulldozer with operator rentalMontgomery Dozer Service LLC
006ANo Closed180 hours of bulldozer with operator rental on Okmulgee Wildlife Management AreaMontgomery Dozer Service LLC
007ANo Closed2019 Landoll Disc 6211-12 or equivalent
009ANo 2019-12-16NewBradco 72" Ground Shark Mulcher and Mower heavy-duty and Blue Diamond Sod Roller or equivalent
010ANo 2019-12-17150 Youth Archery Targets for NASP State Shoot 15 80cm Archery Target Paper Face Official NASP Scoring Paper 100 Pack 8 Pre Measured Archery Lane Tape 100 Meters per Roll 2 Pack
012ANo 2019-12-30100 hours of dozer and 50 hours of tracked excavator (track hoe) work
013ANo 2020-01-06Buehler IsoMet Low Speed Saw or equivalent. IsoMet Blade. Single Saddle Chuck.
003ANo ClosedYellowbook appraisal for three properties in Woods County Story Appraisal Service LLC
419C-REBIDNo ClosedFacility Rental of OKNASP and Varsity Archery State Shoot Event Tulsa, OK Area
416CNo CancelledProvide and Install New Heat Pump
409C-REBIDNo Closed756 Cases of New Biodegradable Clay Targets and 567 Cases of New Non-Biodegradable Clay Targets
417CNo Closed40 Premium Backstop Archery Net 10 feet x30 feet
411CNo Closed10 New Trap MachinesAtlas Trap Company LLC
418CNo ClosedFaciltiy Rental for OKNASP and Varsity Archery State Shoot Event Oklahoma City, OK area. Oklahoma State Fair Inc
005ANo ClosedHotel accommodations for Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation workers at the Paddlefish Research Center from February 10 2020 through May 1 2020
001ANo 2019-12-19Clearing of roadsides of timber with aD6 dozer with operator
409CNo CancelledBiodegradable & Non-biodegradable Clay Targets
008ANo 2019-12-162019 Mahindra Roxor UTV or equivalent

Awarded Bids at ODWC


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