ODWC Bids and Solicitations


Note: It is the vendors responsibility to send the bid/solicitation to the address listed on the bid documents. Any bids/solicitation submitted to the wrong address may not be considered.

Current Bids at ODWC

Bid/Solicitation #AmendedClosing DateDescriptionVendor Name
141LNo ClosedBarbeque Sandwich - Boxed LunchesSwadleys Catering LLC
265CNo ClosedFish FoodAllen Brothers Feed & Supply LLC
266CNo ClosedWalk In Cooler
267CNo Closed1,800 T-shirts with custom screen printingAd-Wear and Specialty of Texas Inc.
268CNo ClosedCustom boat, trailer, electrofishing unit and outboard motorOquawka Boats & Fabrication Inc
142LNo Closed2,000 t-shirts with custom screen printingAd Wear and Specialty of Texas Inc
264CNo ClosedCotton Seed Meal and Alfalfa PelletsAllen Brothers Feed & Supply LLC

Awarded Bids at ODWC


ODWC Bids at DCS - Central Purchasing 1. Select the “Agency and Central Purchasing Division”
2. Click the “Search” button
3. Bid numbers start with '320'
4. Look at the closing date and description
5. Click on bid number for description and bid documents
  ODWC Bids at DCS - Construction and Properties 1. Search by keyword: wildlife
2. Look at the closing date and description
3. Click on view for description and bid instructions