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Oklahoma Outdoor Education

The Department has two types of Outdoor Education Programs, some that are open to the public and some that are offered within public and private schools.

Public Programs are free of charge and include a wing shooting program (Shotgun Training Education Program), Hunter Education, and Family Fishing clinics. The department provides instructors, with all the equipment (guns, ammo, rods and reels, tackle, bait, and education materials) for these events.

Schools that are involved in the Department's in-school education programs are provided with equipment kits as well as educational materials. To get involved with our school programs schools must send at least one teacher to a training course and commit to offering the programs as part of their in-school curriculum. Programs include the National Archery in Schools Program, Explore Bowhunting, Explore Bowfishing, Oklahoma Fishing in the Schools, Hunter Education in the Schools, Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program, and Varsity Archery.