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Wildlife Rehabilitators

"Leave Young Wildlife Alone"

Should you encounter a young fawn or hatchling bird in your backyard or on your next adventure, wildlife biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation say it is best to leave these newborns alone.

Many times, these young animals only appear to be alone; an adult is typically nearby and will return when your perceived threat passes. Other times, spring storms blow nestling birds and squirrels from nests. While these animals may seem to be distressed, an adult animal will often find and care for them. "As difficult as it can be, sometimes the best help we can offer young wildlife is to leave them alone and let nature run its course," said Melynda Hickman, wildlife diversity biologist with the Wildlife Department.

While leaving these young animals alone is the best course of action, wildlife rehabilitators across the state will take in injured wildlife. To find a rehabilitator in your county and a list of the species they accept, please see the list below.

Those interested in reabilitating wildlife can download the application below:

County Rehabilitator City Phone Rehab. Type
Adair Christina M Kiddy (918)575-0620 Mammals / Select Birds And Reptiles
Caddo Robert K Mccain (405)542-7555 Small Mammals, Rabbits, Possums, Skunks, Bobcats, Racoons, Whitetail Deer
Caddo Forrest D Brock (405)831-5171 Mammals (Deer, Squirrel)
Canadian Brandi L Boling (405)834-0110 Small Juvenile Mammals Rabbit Raccoon Opossums Skunk
Cherokee Michelle R Laymon (918)816-1371 All
Choctaw Betty A Irvin (580)579-6432 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
Choctaw Lilli Hostetler (580)424-9926 Deer, Squirrel, Raccoon And Skunk
Cleveland Laura L Ramsey (405)618-8803 Mammals, Turtles, Starlings, Sparrows, Rock Pigeons,
Comanche Nicole M Brown (580)678-4951 Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians
Creek Stacey D Price (918)850-9210 Owls, Hawks Crows
Creek Elizabeth D Morton (405)816-7037 Mammals
Creek Linda Morton (405)816-7037 Mammals
Custer Sarah R Claussen (580)613-6163 Almost Any
Dewey Randi Cole (580)821-1254 Mammals
Garfield Paige S Keithly (580)231-0476 Small Orphaned Birds And Small Orphaned Mammals Such As Opossums And Squirrels.
Garfield Tina S Pulis (918)808-5200 Squirrels,Possums
Grant Mandy L Green (580)424-9926 Deer,Skunk, Squirrel And Raccoons
Hughes Britnee N Silva (405)222-1762 Opossum, Deer, Raccoon, Bobcat, Squirrel, Rabbit.
Latimer Heather Anderson (918)471-5826 Deer, Opossum
Latimer Ivette A Burton (918)448-3052 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, (No Birds Of Prey)
Le Flore Sandy Tustin (918)721-9451 Mammals, Small Birds (Not Endangered)
Le Flore Leann B Measles (918)927-2547 Mammals
Le Flore Sandra R Shatswell (918)721-8036 Mammals
Lincoln Megan Judkins (405)880-0734 Bald And Golden Eagles
Marshall Shelby D Beal (580)579-6785 Mammals & Reptiles
McCurtain Carolyn M Beckers (580)743-0935 Mammals, Reptiles
McCurtain Tammy M Virgin (580)209-2458 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
McCurtain Kevin J Storey (918)964-9682 Mammals
McIntosh Tammy Robison (918)230-2747 Mammals
Muskogee Jordan D Tucker (918)606-8317 Mammals (Deer, Raccoon, Opossum, Squirell, Etc)
Oklahoma Suzanne B Govett (405)641-4060 Only Bats, All Other Animals Please Call Wildcare At 405-872-9338
Oklahoma Inger Giuffrida (405)872-9338 Federally Permitted For All Migratory Birds And Raptors Including Eagles And All Mammals, Reptiles, And Amphibians.
Okmulgee Cassie Sharp (918)636-4284 Mammals
Osage Shay T Tinsley (918)638-8941 Small To Medium Mammals And Reptiles, Opossums
Osage Brook J Sanchez (918)257-9727 Birds, Mammals
Osage Amanda B Kendrick-Bartenhagen (918)766-4850 Mammals, Non-Venomous Reptiles
Payne Joao Manuel Lemos Brandao (405)744-7000 All Birds, All Mammals Except Likely Rabies (Eg. Racoons, Bats) Or Distemper Vectors (Eg., Skunks) Or Dangerous Animals (Eg., Felines, Canines, Ursids) And No Cervids, And All Reptiles Except Venomous Reptiles Mb009483
Payne Jessica A Torres (405)665-0091 Native Birds (Except Eagles), Mammals, Reptiles Including Venomous, Amphibians
Payne Rachel N Vigneron (405)651-9087 Raccoon, Deer, Squirrels, Possums, Skunks, Fox, Coyote, Bats, Bobcat
Pittsburg Faithann C Butler (918)348-4082 Orphaned Raccoons
Pittsburg Shelli Pitchlynn (918)421-1576 Mammals (Large & Small), Birds
Pittsburg Kara C Butler (918)348-4082 Orphaned And Minorly Injured Small Mammals, Reptiles, Bats
Pottawatomie Kerry M Ingersoll (405)306-8595 Whitetail Deer/Fawns
Pushmataha Monica L Nabors (580)271-1543 Mammals, Birds
Pushmataha Hannah D Garrison (918)415-4198 Mammals
Pushmataha Brittanie Grimmett (558)027-1127 Mammals And Birds
Pushmataha Tammi L Smith (405)496-9272 Squirrels, Deer, Raccoons, Skunks, Fox, Bobcat, Opossum. Limited Birds
Rogers Daniel O Hardt (918)342-9453 All Species Of Mammal And Birds
Rogers Charles G Silva (918)342-9453 All Wildlife Native To Oklahoma
Rogers Randi D Noel (918)342-9453 All Species Of Mammal, Deer, Birds Of Prey, Songbirds, Eagles, And Reptiles
Rogers Sayre D Weaver (918)342-9453 All Native Including Birds, Birds Of Prey, Eagles, Predators, And Deer
Rogers Susan L Lott (918)342-9453 All Mammals, Songbirds, Waterfowl, Raptors, Including Eagles,Reptiles, Deer
Rogers Jennifer A Gilley (918)342-9453 All Wildlife Native To Oklahoma, Including Eagles
Rogers Ashley M Watts (918)342-9453 All Species Of Mammals, Deer, Songbirds, Reptiles, Birds Of Prey, Waterfowl, And Eagles.
Rogers Annette M King (918)342-9453 All Species Of Wildlife Including Birds Reptiles Birds Of Prey Eagles Deer
Tillman Julie J Parks (580)305-4020 Birds Mammals Reptiles Exotics
Tulsa Rachel N Olson (918)282-3088 Birds Of Prey Except Eagles
Tulsa Kathy Locker (918)671-3338 All Native Mammals And Birds
Tulsa Jan Mckay (918)640-7337 Song Birds
Tulsa Kathy Becker (918)508-9607 Rabbits
Tulsa Carol A Vandiver (918)406-8604 Mammals, Reptiles
Tulsa Nicole Smith (918)688-8020 Birds Of Prey, Opossums, Squirrels, Reptiles
Tulsa Casey Smith (918)688-8020 Opossums, Reptiles
Tulsa Mary H Foley (918)508-9607 Cottontail Rabbits
Tulsa Laura G Shannon (918)508-9607 Mammals
Tulsa Daniel D Glossop (918)695-7166 Small Mammals, Reptiles, Birds
Wagoner Donna Gaulding (918)935-7579 Deer, Opossums, Raccoons, Squirrels, Armadillos, Foxes, Bobcats
Wagoner Macey L Brooks (918)863-7486 Opossums, Squirrels, Raccoons, Bobcat S, Foxes
Washita Sunni L Stokes (580)339-0959 Predators: Coyotes, Raccoons, Bobcats, Badgers, Etc Marsupials: Opossums Prey: Deer, Cottontails, Jackrabbits Birds: Very Few; No Migratory, No Eagles No Reptiles, No Amphibians
Woodward Tracy L Spears (580)940-0105 Skunk, Opossum, Raccoon, Rabbit
Woodward Amber D Beasley (580)216-2526 Mammals
Woodward Tammy A Willingham Loomis (580)334-2251 Birds, Mammals, Turtles, Lizards
Woodward Saundra L Thompson (580)334-8173 Mammals