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Landowner Programs

Private Landowner Assistance Districts

Did you know that Oklahoma is over 95% privately owned? With that, successful wildlife habitat management requires action by private landowners. Managing and enhancing habitat for wildlife can be a challenging task. With it can also arise many questions.

Hundreds of landowners have received help in past years from this dedicated team. Large or small, each property is given a thorough evaluation to classify habitat types, rank habitat conditions, and identify needs. Landowner goals are the key, and each biologist develops a management plan tailored to meet those goals. 

In addition, cost-share opportunities are often available, and biologists are eager to help landowners find a funding program that may work for them. Whether the goal is to enhance habitat for game species or nongame, ODWC’s Private Land staff is ready to take your call today.

A map of Oklahoma counties divided into 5 private landowner assistance districts.

Private Lands Biologists

Northwest: Brett Cooper, (405) 740-9830

Southwest: (405) 397-1599

Central: Kyle Johnson, (405) 590-2584

Northeast: Lauren Johnson, (918) 607-1518

Southeast: Leah Lowe, (405) 206-7720


The following is a list of available programs: