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Landowner Programs

Private Landowner Assistance Districts

Managing and enhancing habitat for wildlife can be a challenging task. With it can also arise many questions. Thankfully, biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s (ODWC) Private Lands section are eager and available to assist. Even more, the technical assistance they provide is free and only a phone call away. 

Hundreds of landowners have received help in past years from this dedicated team. Large or small, each property is given a thorough evaluation to classify habitat types, rank habitat condition, and identify needs. Landowner goals are the key, and each biologist develops a management plan tailored to meet those goals. 

In addition, cost-share opportunities are often available, and biologists are eager to help landowners find a funding program which may work for them. Whether the goal is to enhance habitat for game species or nongame, ODWC’s Private Land staff is ready to take your call today.

A map of Oklahoma counties divided into 5 private landowner assistance districts.

Private Lands Biologists

Northwest: Brett Cooper, (405) 740-9830

Southwest: (405) 397-1599

Central: Kyle Johnson, (405) 590-2584

Northeast: Lauren Johnson, (918) 607-1518

Southeast: Leah Lowe, (405) 206-7720


The following is a list of available programs: