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Your Side of the Fence

Your Side Of The Fence is a FREE publication produced twice a year by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for Oklahoma landowners. It is our mission to provide practical information for managing wildlife on your property and address issues that affect you, the landowner. Nowhere else can you receive helpful, in-depth information from experienced biologists and law enforcement officers who work in all corners of the state. With so much knowledge and insight at our disposal, we strive to provide you with information we think you may need. But, sometimes we do not address the management issues you want to know more about. So this is your opportunity to tell us what you think. What would you like to learn more about? Do you have any questions for any of our ODWC professionals? Are we doing a good job of providing useful, practical information? Please let us know at

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Summer 2019

Winter 2019

Summer 2018

Winter 2018

Summer 2017 

Winter 2017

  • Should Landowners Wait for the Rangeland Benefits of a Wildfire
  • Behind the scenes with the Farm Pond Program
  • Landowner Spotlight:  The Gearharts
  • When to Drawdown Wetlands for Duck Habitat

Summer 2016

  • The Value of a Photograph
  • Realsitic Expectations from Your Farm Pond
  • An Update on Salt Cedar Control Efforts
  • Managing the Land with Richard Lindly
  • Using Camera Surveys to Understand Your Deer Herd

Winter 2016

  • Grow Your Deer Heard with the Right Ingredients
  • Fool's Gold: Supplemental Forage for a Bass Pond
  • Wildlife Department Developing a Walk-In Hunting/FIshing Program
  • Barry Bollenbach Named 2015 Landowner of the Year
  • Identification and Treatment of Sericea Lespedeza

Summer 2015

  • Managing to Improve Dove Action
  • Turtles Play Important Roles in Farm Ponds
  • Surface Damage in Oklahoma - The Little Extras
  • Staying Young: The McMahon's Enlist Agencies to Improve Land
  • Hack-and-Squirt is Great Way to Enhance Forest Areas

Winter 2015

  • Managing Native Dove Fields
  • Prickly Pear Cactus: The "Defending" Champion
  • Improving Spawning Habitat in Farm Ponds
  • Expansion of the River Otter and Its Trapping Limits

Summer 2014

  • Managing Aquatic Vegetation in Ponds
  • From Egg to Adult: Frogs and Toads Across Oklahoma
  • Growing Season Prescribed Fire in Western Oklahoma
  • Partnership of Landowners, Sportsmen and Game Wardens is Key to Conservation
  • Big Results on Smaller Acreage
  • Oklahoma Streams: A Place for Diversity

Winter 2014

  • Benefits of a Dry Wetland
  • The Evolutionary Performance of Wetlands
  • Enhancing Farm Pond Fish Attraction
  • Winter Weather Effects on Quail
  • Preparation for a Successful Prescribed Burn

Summer 2013

  • Feral Hog Trapping 101
  • The Wet/Dry Cycle: Understanding Wetland Function
  • New! Oklahoma Quail Habitat Guide
  • Waitin' on a Whistle

Fall 2012

  • Gear up for Quail Season: DIY Fall Covey Counts (Fall Covey Count Data Sheet)
  • Ghost Buck Ranch: Changing perspectives on wildlife management
  • Grubs be Gone: Controlling parasites in your pond fish
  • Stay in the Know: Electronic News
  • Annual Field Tour/Sam Noble Foundation Workshops
  • Increase Fence Visibility for the Lesser Prairie Chicken

Spring 2012

  • Mountain Lions in Oklahoma?
  • Landowner Resurrect History
  • Build it Right
  • Second Annual Prescribed fire Council Meeting
  • Building an Escape Ramp for Wildlife

Winter 2011

  • ODWC invests in bobwhite quail research
  • Passionate about natives: Landowners improve wildlife habitat
  • Protecting your pond: Cattails take over
  • Changes aim to increase State WHIP opportunities
  • Strip disking: Setting back succession

Fall 2011

  • Hooked on Fish: Parasites
  • Bill Fair Restores Caddo CO Ranch
  • Prescribed burning association
  • What's good for the chicken is good for the cow
  • Evaluating Wildlife Food Plots


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