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Outdoor Oklahoma Journal

This is the Outdoor Oklahoma Journal, where we're all about helping you pursue and engage in Oklahoma's vibrant outdoor lifestyle. Follow us for great hunting and fishing stories, wildlife features, insider information about unique opportunities, and tangible details on how to go out and be a hunter, angler, and conservationist. The outdoors are always open, so don't miss out!

White Bass Angler Guide: Top Tips & Area Highlights

The annual white bass spawning run is one of Oklahoma's most celebrated fishing traditions.

Wildlife Food For Thought: Texas Bullnettle

Few plants demand greater respect than Texas bullnettle, and for good reason. But the plants boast of benefits too, especially for wildlife. For bird lovers of dove, turkey, and quail, managing for bullnettle – or at least tolerating their presence – may well be worth considering.

Are Bat Houses Right For My Property?

Bat houses can provide available roosts where there are none and encourage bats to use and frequent an area. But before you start erecting bat houses here and there, it's important to first determine if they are appropriate for your place.

Chara Has Overtaken My Pond – What Should I Do?

Chara, or muskgrass, can be handled using a variety of methods: mechanical, biological, or chemical. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Grazing Effects on Wildlife

The practice of properly grazing livestock is vital to the health of our ecosystems and overall resiliency of our great state.

Meet Three Little-Known Fish of Oklahoma

Beyond our state’s familiar bass, crappie, and catfish swim schools of incredibly diverse and little-known fish.

Problem Guests or Pesky Pests?

On occasion, some animals behave more like pests than welcomed visitors, which means adapting your behavior to theirs – outsmarting or excluding them when they create a nuisance you can’t live with.

Wild Double Take: Great and Snowy Egrets

Tips for identifying two Oklahoma look-alike waterbirds, the great and snowy egrets.

Treasure Troves of Data Found in State’s Natural History Museums

More than a dozen Oklahoma colleges and universities maintain natural history museums with collections that can be used for research, teaching, and outreach.

Four Wild Leaps for Leap Day

These leaping animals are poised to give nature enthusiasts an extra look in an extra-long year.