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Oklahoma Land Access Program

Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP)

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Administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, The Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) provides financial incentives to landowners who allow public access for hunting, fishing, stream access, and wildlife viewing opportunities on private lands. The ODWC received a $2.26 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of the 2014 Farm Bill, through the Voluntary Public Access – Habitat Incentive Program (VPA-HIP). VPA-HIP programs are successful at simultaneously rewarding conservation on private lands and providing more opportunities for sportspersons.

A core principle of the OLAP is to increase walk-in access opportunities for hunting, fishing, stream access, and wildlife viewing. This goal compliments a main tenant of the North American Conservation Model: that every citizen has an opportunity, under the law, to hunt and fish. The democratic foundation of this conservation model has made it the most successful in the world, and the OLAP seeks to increase access for multiple opportunities throughout the state.

Another core principle of the OLAP is to include and reward conservation-minded landowners. American conservationist Aldo Leopold said that “Conservation will ultimately boil down to rewarding the private landowner who conserves the public interest”. The program is designed to give landowners the flexibility to maintain their current farming or ranching practices while providing outdoor recreational opportunities. Enrolled landowners will be compensated based on enrolled acres, location, access type, and contract length. Additional compensation is available for properties enrolled in conservation programs, such as CRP, to further reward landowners making efforts to conserve and sustain wildlife. In addition, a bonus is available to multiple landowners to form local cooperatives to provide multiple opportunities in an area.

Almost anyone who owns or leases land can qualify, and ideal properties include CRP-enrolled grassland, native rangeland, weedy crop stubble, forests, riparian corridors, wetland areas, and wildlife-friendly field buffers. Property boundaries are posted with signs, and parking areas will have informational signs indicating access dates and allowed activities. Enrolled landowners are accorded limited liability by existing state laws, and game wardens will periodically patrol OLAP properties. Landowners retain the right to temporarily deny access while ranching or agricultural activities are occurring. Access is limited to foot traffic only, and vehicles are prohibited.

No additional permit is required by sportspersons to access OLAP walk-in areas, however hunting and fishing licenses are required, respectively, unless a person is exempt. 



OLAP Update: 10/4/2022

  • Limited Access Drawings Open This Week

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Landowner Information

Landowners interested in enrolling can fill out an application and/or contact the OLAP biologist or technician. To qualify, the applicant must be the legal owner of record, representing the legal owner of record, or lessee with operational authority of proposed land for the extent of the contract. Applicant’s land must be accessible from a public road. The minimum parcel size for hunting properties is 40 acres. The OLAP biologist and/or technician can assist landowners with the application process.

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ATTENTION Cimarron, Texas, and Woodward County Hunters!

New rules for hunters can be found HERE.


The OLAP Map Directory is a web app that can be accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. The app includes real-time maps of OLAP walk-in areas, including details such as parking areas, boundaries, access type, access dates, habitat descriptions, possible species present, and photographs. These maps will be updated by 6:00 pm of the preceding day to reflect the temporary closure of specific walk-in areas.

Please note that the only accurate, up-to-date digital mapping service available for the OLAP is the OLAP Map Directory administered by the ODWC. Third-party apps display static information that may be weeks out of date. Sportspersons are strongly advised to use the OLAP Map Directory as a primary source of information for Walk-in Areas.

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This material is based upon work supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under number 69-3A75-16-513. All opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

ArcGIS Field Maps App for Smartphones and Tablets



Use the free ArcGIS Field Maps App to bring the OLAP Walk-in Areas to your mobile device (data signal required). Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "OLAP" and select Public OLAP Web Map".

Please note: This app requires a cellular signal. This is the best option for viewing the OLAP Map Directory in the field.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


OLAP Limited Access Drawings

OLAP Limited Access Daily Use Permit Required Sign

The OLAP Limited Access offers archery/shotgun only opportunities for close-to-metro and wetland areas. Hunters can apply to bring one guest. Daily permits are awarded via drawing and successful applicants are notified via email. Limited Access walk-in areas are subject to the same regulations as Archery/Shotgun Only walk-in areas.

What's new in 2023:

  • Limited Access is now a daily check-in (no more drawings) on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Check-in for a specific day opens 2 days before that day at 8:00 am.
  • The number of available spots will shift according to the hunting season. For example, a tract might allow more hunters on the tract during dove season in September versus duck season in December.

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