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OLAP Landowner Sign-Up

How Do I Apply?

Landowners interested in enrolling can fill out an application and/or contact the OLAP biologist or technician. To qualify, the applicant must be the legal owner of record, representing the legal owner of record, or lessee with operational authority of proposed land for the extent of the contract. Applicant’s land must be accessible from a public road. The minimum parcel size for hunting properties is 40 acres. The OLAP biologist and/or technician can assist landowners with the application process.

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An OLAP representative will visit the candidate's property to assess habitat and suitability for the program. If the property meets requirements, the OLAP representative will draft a lease agreement that specifies terms, conditions, and compensation. The agreement is not active until both parties have signed.

Either party has the right to terminate the contract at any time, although early termination will result in a prorated payment. Additionally, if an enrolled property changes ownership, the OLAP agreement is terminated. The new owner has the option of renewing the lease.




  1. Public Road Access. Lands must be accessible via a public road. If in doubt, landowners can check on-road status.
  2. Minimum acreage. Walk-in Hunting Areas must be a minimum of 40 acres for consideration.
  3. Known boundaries. Lands must have known, marked boundaries, or boundaries that can reasonably be marked. Fences are ideal, but boundaries with a clear change of land use are sufficient (e.g., ag field, CRP grassland, etc.). 


Lease payments vary from $2-20/acre, depending on acreage, activities allowed, property location, and the duration of lease activities. 

Additional compensation is possible for:

  • Cooperative enrollment among neighboring landowners. 
  • Multiyear contracts.
  • Concurrent enrollment in other conservation programs (CRP, WHIP, etc.). 
  • Vegetation and land-use practices.

Potential OLAP properties are scored on the aforementioned variables to ensure standardized compensation.

A photo showing an Oklahoma Land Access Program sign on a barbed wire fence, behind a dog next to harvested doves.



Landowner Limited Liability

Landowners enrolled in the program are accorded limited liability by the following state laws:

  1. General Recreational Use Statute (§76-10.1). This applies to lands not being farmed or ranched.
  2. Limitation of Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act (§2-16-71.1). Applies to lands being farmed and ranched.

Essentially, these laws grant immunity from normal, non-negligent liability, and the landowner incurs no duty of care towards anyone accessing the land. View full language.



For more information, contact:

Joshua Luft
Wildlife Biologist (OLAP) - Statewide





OLAP Landowner Sign-Up

Applicant Name

Property Address

Legal description, or general location description.

Are the locations of the boundaries known and easily located?
Are there any current boundary disputes with adjacent landowners?
Is the property currently enrolled in any habitat or conservation programs? Examples: CRP, CSP, EQIP, WHIP, etc.

Does the property currently have any leases or user-agreements in effect? Examples: hunting lease, farming lease, ranching lease, etc.

Which access option(s) are you interested in?