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Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

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Title 800 Information on NWCO Program

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The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) is mandated to manage, protect, and perpetuate Oklahoma’s wildlife. ODWC issues permits to landowners, lessees or their designated agents to control nuisance or damage by regulated species of wildlife or feral hogs. The NWCO program was developed to provide assistance to the public who encounter such problems.

The NWCO program was not developed to address complex damage situations or problems with any and all forms of domestic or imported non-native wildlife, migratory birds, or any federally protected species. The Wildlife Services (WS) program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is authorized, in both Federal and State law, to take necessary action in assisting any landowner in management and control of rodents, non-game birds, feral pigeons and furbearers on their property.

Oklahoma laws generally grant citizens substantive latitude to deal with wildlife problems and considerable assistance is available from USDA Wildlife Services. However, many landowners may prefer to employ individuals who are skilled and educated in handling human/wildlife conflicts. Although permitted and regulated by the ODWC, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) are not state employees. They operate as private enterprises and normally charge a fee or solicit a donation for their services.

The NWCO program was also developed to provide ODWC with a record of activities of those responding to nuisance wildlife calls/complaints and a reference base of various wildlife species; the types of problems that they cause and the frequency of such human conflicts. Additionally, the program provides documentation of the various methods used for addressing wildlife damage and human/wildlife conflicts.

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County Name Business Name SCGP Contact Info
Adair James P Decker Tayker's Predator Control 918-575-2213
Adair Michael E Taylor Michael Taylor 479-263-2411
Alfalfa Christopher A Cantellay Chris Cantellay 580-231-1272
Alfalfa Roger Kildow Roger Kildow 580-541-5511
Beaver Derrick R Stewart Derrick Stewart 580-670-1007
Blaine Clayton D Hoar North Rivers Wildlife Solution 580-791-2673
Bryan Stacey Loper Stacey Loper 580-916-2445
Bryan Donald E Thompson Wildlife X Team Of Texoma A 214-724-2343
Canadian Joshua P Chavers Josh Chavers Prestox 405-626-1656
Canadian Chase R Coffman Chase Coffman 405-639-9941
Canadian Glenn R Gee Town And Country Critter Evictor 405-409-5987
Canadian Terry V Gillock Varmint Arrester Nuisance Services A, B 405-837-0516
Canadian Chris Smith Country Lawn Care 405-615-0875
Canadian Colby Daniel Soukup Dog Gone Critter 405-359-7474
Canadian Lane A Soukup Dog Gone Critters 405-370-7666
Cherokee Danny E Jordan Jordans Wildlife Control 918-616-4343
Choctaw Jeremy L Mckee Mckee Ranch 580-317-7309
Choctaw Joepaul Meyers Ironhorse Predator Control 580-406-6733
Cleveland Thomas Norman Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions A, B 405-826-0393
Cleveland Jarryd T Robison Robison Wildlife Solutions 405-306-3830
Cleveland Timothy G Carr Comcd 405-520-4416
Cleveland Joshua P Cole Champion Pest Solutions 405-759-8440
Cleveland Aaron Jonathan Evans Aaron Evans 405-268-3162
Cleveland Dustin G Foster Dustin Foster 405-412-2485
Cleveland John R Fryrear City Of Moore A, B 405-793-5190
Cleveland Jacob Hopkins Champion Pest Solutions 405-759-8440
Cleveland Samuel Jones Champion Pest Solutions 405-759-8440
Cleveland Adam M Lohr All Animal Prevention & Solutions A, B 405-476-2075
Cleveland Nicole L Mckim City Of Moore A, B 405-793-5190
Cleveland Steve M Mckinney Comcd 405-316-0225
Cleveland James L Neyman Comcd 405-329-5228
Comanche Rosen G Carpenter Rosen Carpenter Trapping 580-585-1251
Comanche Taylor Cotton Vet Pride 580-483-7606
Comanche Omar B Gonzalez Vet Pride 580-647-2670
Comanche Justin C Highley Enviromental Pest Control 580-536-9481
Comanche Luis Ruiz-Tiben Vet Pride 580-442-5723
Comanche Hunter B Russell Vet Pride 580-442-5723
Comanche Jonathan E Williams Vet Pride Services 580-442-5723
Creek Jacob C Brown Trutech Wildlife Services 918-703-6075
Creek Sean C Keeling Urban Pest And Wildlife Managment B 918-760-6436
Custer Mark Douglas Burton B & B Trapping 580-445-7443
Custer Jason Lee Parkhurst Iron Gully Home Services 580-330-2013
Delaware Evan N Crosby Evan Crosby 918-964-1554
Delaware Amy Parker Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services Of NE OK A, B 918-977-0412
Delaware Jason A Shearer Grand Countgry Pest Control 918-786-9915
Garfield Mark H Buthman ASRCC 580-213-7344
Garfield Brian P Hicks Asrcc 580-213-6061
Garfield Richard C Johndrow Johndrow's Pest Control, Inc. 580-233-3783
Garfield Richard E Johndrow Johndrow's Pest Control, Inc. 580-233-3783
Garvin Noah D Smith Washita Fur Company 405-207-8235
Grady Chris S Jenkins Chris Jenkins 405-779-1717
Grady Larry M Mccoy Mccoys Nuisance Control 405-222-0132
Jackson Matthew P Belanger Southwest Nuisance Wildlife Control 405-220-0443
Johnson Gene E Callaway Callaway's Wildlife Control 580-371-3364
Kay Maxlin P Horn Max Horn 580-761-0712
Kay Richard A Peri Ultimate Pest Management 580-765-7378
Kay Greg L Smith Ultimate Pest Management 580-765-7378
Latimer Bill G Donoley Tnt Trapping 918-448-8876
Lincoln Dennis Fowler Dennis Fowler 405-227-2819
Lincoln Jimmie R Mileham Mileham Ranch And Predator Removal 405-240-4072
Lincoln Brian D Seaton Turning Heads Taxidermy 405-567-5227
Lincoln Brad D Severs Absolute Wildlife Control 405-240-7410
Lincoln Mark E Stowers Mark Stowers 405-240-0984
Logan Thomas Norman Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions A, B 405-826-0393
Major Fred W Butler None 580-922-5413
Mcclain Billy R Simpson Bbs Nuisance Control 405-641-2391
Mccurtain Kris Jones Dambusters Nuisance Wildlife Control 580-433-4413
Mcintosh Dallas C Whitt Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn 817-408-8940
Mcintosh Joshua G Coleman Coleman Critter Control 918-843-0942
Mcintosh Mason Coleman Coleman Critter Control 918-843-0942
Mcintosh Randolph Mcbride Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn 918-689-3000
Mcintosh Timothy Whitt Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn 918-689-3000
Micintosh Brad E Smith Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn 918-689-3000
Muskogee Jason Todd Green Jason Green 918-869-9013
Noble Monty K Hawkins Monty Hawkins A, B 580-370-0656
Nowata Kenneth Roberts Ken Roberts 918-557-0190
Okfuskee Brian D Seaton Turning Heads Taxidermy 405-567-5226
Oklahoma Douglas D Bobbitt None 970-589-9091
Oklahoma Trevor J Bounds Red Beard's Wildlife Solutions A, B 405-919-8101
Oklahoma Jimmie D Burnett Alutiiq Commercial Enterprise 405-734-3848
Oklahoma John A Eller Tinker Air Force Base 405-734-3848
Oklahoma John D Ewing King Pest Control A, B 405-753-9222
Oklahoma Aaron V Fredrickson Harmony Pest Solutions 405-760-7204
Oklahoma Terry V Gillock Varmint Arrester Nuisance Services A, B 405-837-0516
Oklahoma Edward D Greene Akg Services 405-685-0520
Oklahoma Joseph E Hampton Terminix 405-693-6801
Oklahoma David C Hicks Oklahoma Termite Specialist 405-330-5030
Oklahoma John C Hilliard Terminix Commercial 405-421-4269
Oklahoma Charles L King King Pest Control A, B 405-753-9222
Oklahoma Bradley M Mckey Wildlife X Team 405-816-9700
Oklahoma Charlie Meeker Okc Mosquito Militia 405-509-3051
Oklahoma Zachary Miller Red Beards Wildlife Service 405-802-3704
Oklahoma John T Nelson Human Wildlife Control Of Oklahoma A, B 405-361-9765
Oklahoma Thomas Norman Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions A, B 405-826-0393
Oklahoma William Phelps Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises 405-249-4545
Oklahoma James R Ray Terminix 405-640-7756
Oklahoma Anthony B Snodgrass Wildlife X Team 405-315-9065
Oklahoma John T Stamps Terminix 405-631-0355
Oklahoma Henry C Stewart King Pest Control 405-753-9222
Oklahoma Christopher R Sturm Oklahoma Termite Specialist 405-330-5030
Oklahoma Michael J Sullivan Skunk Bait Wildlife Control A, B 405-464-2121
Oklahoma Robert G Thompson Skunk Bait Wildlife Control 405-646-2121
Okmulgee Daniel C Colombin Daniel Colombin 918-519-4331
Okmulgee Darrin B Unruh Darrin Unruh 918-652-5398
Osage Andrew R Dressen Andrew Dressen 580-749-0200
Osage Zane V Lovelace Lovelace Wildlife Control A, B 918-497-6276
Osage David Meneely Meneely Wildlife Control, LLC A, B 580-761-6526
Osage Jefferey S Baker Creek Side Trapping 918-200-8084
Osage Harry G Canan Harry Canan 918-857-9388
Osage Glenn L Cooley Ridd-A-Kritter A, B 918-639-0127
Ottawa Wendell G Hillhouse 2 Firemen And A Trap 918-691-0304
Ottawa Tyson B Mckibben Trapper T 918-961-2801
Pawnee Jeremiah D Mitchell Mitchell Wildlife Control 918-951-0801
Payne Daniel J Fischer Trutech A, B 405-229-2870
Payne Shannon J Sheffert Environmental Assistance Services A, B 405-742-7884
Pittsburg William T Scherman William Scherman 918-916-0706
Pontotoc Richard D Brown Alpha Wildlife Control 580-320-9137
Pontotoc Billy Don Britt Bill Britt Nuisance Animal Control 580-399-1129
Pottawatomie Jarid Tray Ashcraft T-Town Trapping 405-481-5919
Pottawatomie Warren D Ingersoll Twisted Oak Beaver Trapping 405-760-7593
Pottawatomie Gilford R Rutledge Little Stinkers 405-788-6654
Pottawatomie Jason L Spradlin Oklahoma Baptist University 405-408-9777
Pushmataha Joepaul Meyers Ironhorse Predator Control 580-406-6733
Pushmataha Ronnie D Steudeman Ronnie Steudeman 918-569-4614
Rogers Ronald M Covington Covingtons Nuisance Wildlife Removal 918-906-9624
Rogers Ryan M Keys Warden Wildlife Control 918-629-8919
Rogers Robert G Loftin Loftin Animal Damage Control 918-504-1903
Rogers Dylan S New Predator Impact 918-694-0646
Rogers Charles D Webster Dog Creek Wildlife Service 918-798-7561
Seminole Cody L Presley Barking Waters Nuisance Wildlife Removal 405-683-1178
Sequoyah Travis F Alzate Coyote Creed Predator Control 479-806-2548
Sequoyah Ryan L Martin Martin Nuisance Wildlife And Habitat LLC 479-252-1234
Statewide Alexander Samaniego Oklahoma Wildlife Control 918-367-9060
Statewide Herby A Flatt Trutech A, B 918-264-5327
Statewide Austin Haynes Oklahoma Wildlife Control A 918-367-9060
Statewide Rick Parker Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services Of NE OK A, B 918-977-0412
Statewide Reginald Murray Oklahoma Wildlife Control A, B 855-787-9453
Tulsa Bobby W Neal Buggybob's Pest Controol 918-219-9667
Tulsa Tommy L Wagner Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal Services A, B 918-639-8282
Tulsa Emily D Albrecht Loomacres Wildlife Management 607-760-9857
Tulsa Joseph Barkowski Tulsa Zoo B 918-669-6600
Tulsa Christopher A Berson Dandi-Guaranty Pest Solutions A, B 918-495-5098
Tulsa Christopher M Bowles Dandi-Guaranty 918-665-2129
Tulsa Chad A Burger Trutech 918-938-2507
Tulsa Harry G Canan Harry Canan 918-857-9388
Tulsa Jonathan Carpenter Trapper Johns Wildlife Control 918-497-0261
Tulsa Troy E Creel Trutech Wildlife Service 918-210-9703
Tulsa Brayden M Crenshaw Crenshaw's Nuisance Wildlife And Predator Control 918-720-8158
Tulsa Mark W Howard Action Pest Managementinc 918-259-9400
Tulsa Ryan M Keys Warden Wildlife Control 918-629-8919
Tulsa Roger J Laughlin Roger Laughlin 918-574-4534
Tulsa Billy E Minter Mission Wildlife & Pest 918-855-6795
Wagoner Billy R Howard Envirotech Exterminating A, B 918-282-7621
Wagoner Elmer L Melton Green Country Wildlife Specialist A, B 918-781-2997
Washington Harry G Canan Harry Canan 918-857-9388
Washington Dwayne S Chancellor Dwayne Chancellor 918-534-2788
Washington Jeffrey B Lovern Jeffrey Lovern 918-371-3383
Washington John M Runnels Predator Impact A, B 918-397-4091
Washington Hazel Runnels Predator Impact 918-397-4091
Washington Mark Smith Predator Impact A, B 254-979-4872
Woods Max F Horn Max Horn 580-430-6602
Woods Cindy M Shafer Norwest Nuisance Wildlife Control 580-748-1258
Woods Ted Shafer Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control 580-327-2493