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OLAP Regulations (Fishing)

The Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP)

The Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) enrolls private lands to allow public access for hunting, fishing, stream access and/or wildlife viewing. Accessing by foot, sportspersons can enter and use OLAP lands without obtaining special permission. The goal of the OLAP is to increase hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities in areas with limited public access.

A Land Access Permit is required to access all OLAP properties.

Funds from the sale of this permit will be used as match for the federal funding grant for the program.


OLAP Code of Conduct:

  • Always think safety first and shooting game second.
  • Respect the landowner. The future of the program depends on the participation of landowners.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. If you see someone else’s trash, please pick it up.
  • Remember to pick up your shotgun hulls.
  • Don’t shoot over property boundaries.
  • Use access points, gates, or corners when available. Don’t stretch fence while crossing.
  • Respect fellow sportspersons and maintain a safe and appropriate distance.
  • Respect safety buffer zones.



All sportspersons using OLAP lands are responsible to know and understand the rules of the program, as well as the rules of each property. In addition to program rules, state and federal regulations apply. OLAP lands are considered Department-managed lands and all statewide regulations and license requirements apply.



General Regulations

Unless exempt, users must have a valid hunting license and a Land Access Permit to access walk-in hunting areas.

OLAP Walk-In Area

OLAP walk-in areas are considered Department-managed lands and are subject to all regulations listed on Department-Managed Area Rules.

It is unlawful for any person to refuse to leave an OLAP walk-in area when requested by the landowner, Department representative or law enforcement officer.

Walk-in Access Only

Foot-traffic only. Horses and all vehicles, including bicycles are prohibited.

Bag Limits & Seasons

Hunting season and bag limits, same as statewide.


Dogs allowed for pursuit of game only (except bear, deer, antelope, and turkey), with the exception of service dogs. Leashed dogs may be used to track downed game after notifying the game warden of location and having no means of take on persons while tracking. Feral hogs are not game.

Alcohol, Overnight Camping & Fires

Prohibited on OLAP walk-in areas. No smoking or open flame of any kind.

Access Hours

Access is allowed from two hours before official sunrise to one hour after official sunset. If retrieving game after hours, notify game warden via text or phone call.



OLAP Fishing Regulations

Method of Take

Fishing is restricted to no more than three (3) rods or poles per person, with no more than three (3) hooks per line. No other fishing methods are allowed. Cast netting is prohibited.

Swimming is prohibited on walk-in fishing areas (annual and seasonal access) only, not stream access areas.


Allowed on annual walk-in fishing areas year-round. Allowed on seasonal walk-in fishing areas May 7 - Aug. 31 only. Access is restricted to fishing areas and access corridors as specified in the OLAP map directory and/or on signs posted at the OLAP walk-in area. Unauthorized access to restricted areas of the property may be considered trespassing.

Motorized Boats

Prohibited. Motorized boats are defined as any gas powered vessel. Battery operated vessels are allowed.

Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing Tubes & Non-Motorized Vessels

Allowed. Must be carried to water's edge without the aid of a motorized vehicle.

Stream Access Areas

Stream access areas means stream corridors enrolled in the OLAP.

Stream corridor means a length of a stream enrolled in the OLAP. These areas may include one or both banks, and the boundaries are delineated by signage and/or the OLAP map directory.

Activities unrelated to accessing a stream, fishing, swimming and/or launching/retrieving boats are prohibited.

Sportspersons must remain within the designated stream corridor or access area when accessing OLAP stream access areas.

Stream corridors will be delineated in OLAP map directory and/or signs posted at OLAP stream access areas.

For more information on OLAP properties visit or download the OLAP app for your mobile device.

OLAP Hunting Regulations



OLAP Map Directory

The OLAP Map Directory provides real-time maps and information including access dates, special restrictions, temporary closure alerts, printable PDF maps, and more.

Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) Map



OLAP Walk-In Fishing Area Signs

OLAP walk in fishing area open year round sign.


Walk-In Fishing Area

Annual Access

  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Catch and release only.
  • Limit of 3 rods per person, 3 hooks per line.
  • No Swimming.



OLAP walk in fishing area May 7 - August 31 sign.


Walk-In Fishing Area

Seasonal Access May 7 - Aug. 31

  • Hunting is prohibited unless concurrently enrolled as a walk-in hunting area.
  • Catch and release only.
  • Limit of 3 rods per person, 3 hooks per line.
  • No Swimming.



OLAP walk in stream area open year-round sign.


Walk-In Stream Area

Annual Access

  • Hunting is prohibited, unless concurrently enrolled as a walk-in hunting area.
  • If on foot or wading, sportspersons must remain within stream corridor or access.
  • Activities unrelated to accessing a stream, fishing, swimming and/or launching/retrieving boats are prohibited.