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Partners for Fish & Wildlife

Partners for Fish and Wildlife is a program for Oklahoma's private landowners who are interested in alternative wetlands management opportunities. It is a cooperative effort between the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the OSU Cooperative Extension Service to conserve, enhance, and restore wetland habitat through technical and financial assistance.

Partners for Fish & Wildlife is designed to form alliances between landowners and government agencies through opportunities, such as cost-sharing projects that significantly improve fish and wildlife resources, while promoting compatibility between agriculture and other land uses.




Any private landowner in Oklahoma who is interested in alternative wetlands management opportunities.

Who To Contact

For an application or additional information, contact the Tulsa USFWS Office at (918) 382-4500.

How to Enroll

Contact one of the cooperating agencies to receive details on how to become involved in alternative wetlands conservation.

Additional Information