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Oklahoma Fishing in the Schools (OKFITS)

In 2011, the Oklahoma Fishing in the Schools Program was introduced to almost 50 schools across the state. The number of schools continues to grow and in the summer of 2014, almost 250 schools are participating in the program. The program is an extension of the Aquatic Resource Education Program developed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1988. It is one of many Outdoor Education programs offered, along with National Archery in the Schools, Explore Bowhunting, Explore Bowfishing, Hunter Education and Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program, that schools all across the state are introducing into the classroom.

How does a school become involved with the program?

Schools wishing to become involved with the program will need to have at least one educator trained to teach the program. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation host trainings for the program annually through the year. The training takes just a few hours, and is normally part of a two-day training mixed in with the other Outdoor Education programs offered. Schools interested in adding OKFITS to their curriculum should contact Daniel Griffith

What cost is involved with the program?

The training is free and the cost for supplies to use in the class room is free. The Department does require schools who start the program to sign an agreement to incorporate all of the Outdoor Education Programs currently offered by the agency in the class for a minimum of three years. Currently the agency offers Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools Program, Explore Bowhunting, Explore Bowfishing and Hunter Education as part of the required course to incorporate into the classroom along with the Oklahoma Fishing in the Schools Program. 

Free supplies? What is included?

Each school that becomes involved with the program and signs the agreement will receive a kit estimated in value around $500. This kit includes 25 rods & reels, tackle, hand towels, pliers, clippers, teaching posters, knot tying kit, tackle box, and casting plugs to introduce the program into the class room.


Additional Activities & Resources

Oklahoma Fishing in the Schools Manual (PDF)

PG 13 Team Casting Challenge Game (PDF)

PG 13 Team Scorecard (PDF)

Manual Acivity Section (PDF)

Angler Responsiblity Activity (PDF)

Casting Golf Activity Guide (PDF)

Teacher Activity Report (Online)

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For additional information contact:

Daniel Griffith - Information & Education Specialist
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
(405) 990-9753
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