Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) is mandated to manage, protect, and perpetuate Oklahoma’s wildlife. ODWC issues permits to landowners, lessees or their designated agents to control nuisance or damage by regulated species of wildlife or feral hogs. The NWCO program was developed to provide assistance to the public who encounter such problems.

The NWCO program was not developed to address complex damage situations or problems with any and all forms of domestic or imported non-native wildlife, migratory birds, or any federally protected species. The Wildlife Services (WS) program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is authorized, in both Federal and State law, to take necessary action in assisting any landowner in management and control of rodents, non-game birds, feral pigeons and furbearers on their property.

Oklahoma laws generally grant citizens substantive latitude to deal with wildlife problems and considerable assistance is available from USDA Wildlife Services. However, many landowners may prefer to employ individuals who are skilled and educated in handling human/wildlife conflicts. Although permitted and regulated by the ODWC, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) are not state employees. They operate as private enterprises and normally charge a fee or solicit a donation for their services.

The NWCO program was also developed to provide ODWC with a record of activities of those responding to nuisance wildlife calls/complaints and a reference base of various wildlife species; the types of problems that they cause and the frequency of such human conflicts. Additionally, the program provides documentation of the various methods used for addressing wildlife damage and human/wildlife conflicts.

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Special Canada Goose Permit (SCGP): Nuisance goose control measures are separated into two designations and are listed under the “SCGP” column. NWCO’s that are designated as “A” are permitted to manage nuisance geese via egg /nest manipulation, and harassment. Those designated as “B” are permitted to trap and relocate nuisance geese. Relocation may only take place between March 11th to August 31st.

County Business Name Contact SCGP
Adair Tayker's Predator Control
Alfalfa Roger Kildow
Alfalfa Chris Cantellay
All Moxie Pest Control
All Trutech/Critter Control
Canadian Varmint Arrester Nuisance Services
Canadian Calvary Wildlife Removal Llc
Canadian Country Lawn Care
Canadian Dog Gone Critters
Canadian Beavers Plus Nuisance Control
Canadian Prestox
Canadian Town & Country Critter Evictor Inc
Cherokee Jordan's Wildlife Control
Choctaw Mckee Ranch
Cleveland Aaron Evans
Cleveland Champion Pest Solutions
Cleveland Will Childress
Cleveland Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy District
Cleveland Terminix Commercial
Cleveland City Of Moore Animal Control
Cleveland, Oklahoma, Mcclain, Pottawatomie All Wildlife Prevention And Solutions
Comanche Vet Pride Services
Comanche Vet Pride Services
Comanche Rosen's Trapping
Comanche, Stephens Highley Handy, Llc Dba Environmental Pest Control
Craig Big D's Nuisance Wildlife Control
Craig Fast Attack Predator Control
Creek Urban Pest And Wildlife Management, Inc
Custer B&B Trapping
Custer B&B Trapping
Delaware Grand Country Pest Control
Delaware Crosby Wildlife Control
Delaware 2 Firemen And A Trap
Garfield Asrc Federal Field Services
Garfield Johndrow's Pest Control, Inc.
Garfield Nicols Nuisance Control
Garfield Affs
Garvin Washita Fur Company
Grady Chris Jenkins
Harper And Woods Nationwide Pest Control
Jackson Southwest Nuisance Wildlife Control
Johnston Callaway's Wildlife Control
Kay Maxlin Horn
Kay Ultimate Pest Management, Llc
Kingfisher Travys Townsend
Kingfisher Justin Creps
Leflore Rog's Animal Control
Lincoln Absolute Wildlife Control
Lincoln Dennis Fowler
Locust Grove Ricky Baker
Logan, Oklahoma, Canadian Skunk Bait Wildlife Control Llc
Mayes Trutech Wildlife Services
Mcclain Jody Ham
Mcclain,Garvin,Cleveland Simpson Wildlife Control
Mcintosh Pied Piper Pest, Termite & Lawn
Mcintosh Gopher King Llc
Mcintosh Coleman Critter Control Llc
Muskogee Oden Wildlife Removal
Muskogee Stratton Pest Llc
Muskogee Jason T Green
Noble Monty Hawkins
Not Listed N/A
Ok Imagine It Done Llc
Ok Alpha Pest Solutions
Oklahoma Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises
Oklahoma Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions Llc
Oklahoma Terminix
Oklahoma Humane Wildlife Control Of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Red Beard's Wildlife Solutions
Oklahoma King Pest Control
Oklahoma Harmony Pest Solutions
Oklahoma Wildlife X Team
Oklahoma Jess Phillips
Oklahoma Orkin Llc
Oklahoma Terminix
Oklahoma Ok. Mosquito Militia
Oklahoma County Akg Services Llc
Okmulgee Daniel Colombin Jr
Okmulgee Darrin Unruh
Okmulgee Dominion Predator Control
Osage Creekside Trapping
Osage Lovelace Wildlife Control
Osage Meneely Wildlife Control
Osage Andrew Dressen
Ottawa Trapper T-Mac
Pawnee Mitchell Wildlife Control
Pawnee Daniel Halterman
Payne Tier1 Solutions Llc
Payne Enviromental Assintance Services Llc
Payne Trutech Wildlife Service
Pontoc Bill Britt Nuisance Animal
Pontotoc Alpha Wildlife Control
Pott Glynn's Trapping
Pottawatomie Express Pest Services
Pottawatomie T-Town Trapping
Pottawatomie Twisted Oak Beaver Trapping
Pushmataha Ronnie Steudeman
Pushmataha Ironhorse Predator Control
Rogers Covington's Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Rogers Dog Creek Wildlife Service
Rogers Triple "C" Trapping
Seminole Cody Presley
Sequoyah Martin Nuisance Wildlife And Habitat Llc
State Oklahoma Wildlife Control
Statewide Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services Of Neo, Llc
Statewide Briar Patch Wildlife Services
Statewide Oklahoma Wildlife Control, Llc
Tulsa William Gibson
Tulsa Dandi-Guaranty
Tulsa Rhema Bible Colloge
Tulsa Warden Wildlife Control
Tulsa All Pest Exterminating
Tulsa Rollins/Trutech Wildlife Service
Tulsa Orkin Llc
Tulsa Trapper John's Wildlife Removal
Tulsa Trutech Wildlife Service
Tulsa Loomacres Wildlife Management
Tulsa Warden Wildlife Control Llc
Tulsa Berson's Wildlife Services
Tulsa Mission Wildlife
Tulsa Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc
Tulsa Tzmi
Tulsa Chad Clock
Tulsa Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal
Tulsa Crenshaw's Nuisance Wildlife And Predator Control
Tulsa, Osage Harry Canan
Wagoner Envirotech Exterminating
Washington Predator Impact
Washington Jeffrey Lovern
Washington N/A
Woods Max Horn
Woods Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control