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State Records

​​​​​​State Record Fish

There are two divisions of state record fish. The Rod and Line Record Fish Division is for fish caught on rod and line and must be hooked and played by only one person and the fish must weigh more than the current record. The second division, the Unrestricted Record Fish Division, is for fish caught other than rod and line or played by more than one person.


1. Fish MUST be caught on rod and line and MUST be hooked and played by only one person. (Except for unrestricted division).

2. Fish MUST be caught in accordance with Oklahoma Fishing Regulations.

3. No fish caught from any hatchery or commercial put-and-take lake is eligible.

4. Accredited or certified weight scales MUST be used to weigh the fish. Accredited steel measuring tapes MUST be used to measure the fish. The fish should be measured over the side from tip of nose to tip of tail (tail lobes pressed together) giving length of fish in inches. Measure the girth of the fish in inches around its widest point. Three witnesses, one of which must be an employee of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, must witness the weighing and measuring of the fish and sign the affidavit.

5. The fish MUST be preserved in a live-weight condition until approved by an Oklahoma Wildlife Fisheries biologist or technician, and an official letter of verification from the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has been received by the angler.

6. A clear photograph showing a close-up side view of the fish MUST accompany the completed fish affidavit form. All photographs become the property of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

7. The Department reserves the right to collect fish scale, tissue or spine samples to check fish identification and to refuse any questionable fish affidavit submitted. The affidavit must be submitted within 30 days of the date the fish is caught.

In addition to rod and line records, an Unrestricted Division includes the heaviest of those species taken by other legal means (bow and arrow, gig, spear, trotline, jugline, bankline, etc.) TYING or EXCEEDING the weight of existing rod and line records.

Official Oklahoma Rod & Line Record Fish
To view a picture of the record fish please click on the common name of the fish.

Bass, Hybrid Black8-5.622 3/416 1/2Veterans Lake3-27-06Dru Kinslow
Bass, Hybrid Striped 23-3.6833 1/227Altus-Lugert Lake4-1-97Paul Hollister
Bass, Hybrid Yellow 2-515 3/412 5/8Kiamichi River3-26-91George R. Edwards
Bass, Largemouth14-13.726 1/823Cedar Lake3-13-2013Dale Miller
Bass, Smallmouth   8-723 1/818Lake Lawtonka3-31-2012Ryan Wasser
Bass, Spotted     8-223 1/217 1/2Pittsburg Co. Pond6-27-58O. J. Stone
Bass, Striped     47-84830Lower Illinois River6-10-96Louis Parker
Bass, White    5-118 1/216 1/2Verdigris River4-1-1976R.R. Karch
Bowfin11-22917Hugo2-27-1983Thomas Joner
Buffalo, Bigmouth    59-1543 3/433 1/2Greenleaf11-12-88Leroy Broaddrick
Buffalo, Black42-842 1/429W.R. Holway11-17-13Jeff D. Olinger
Buffalo, Smallmouth 66-339 15/1638 11/32Broken Bow5-3-19Hugh M. Newman
Bullhead, Black     6-1318 5/817 3/4Jackson Co. Pond5-24-84Gary Cole
Bullhead, Yellow2-51610 5/8Okfuskee Co. Pond5-3-2014Nathan Williams
Carp, Common39-10.439 1/430 3/4Grady Co. Pond4-23-2002Brandon Hughes
Carp, Grass    68-15.24934Chelsea City Lake4-5-2008Jereme Budgick
Carpsucker, River7-112417Canadian Co. Pond4-18-90W.C. "Bill" Kenyon
Catfish, Blue9854 1/239 1/2Texoma11-11-2004Billy Nabors
Catfish, Channel35-1539 1/426 1/4Taft Lake9-11-2005Gary Doak Jr.
Catfish, Flathead78-85136 1/2Lake El Reno5-11-2010Richard Williams
Crappie, Black    4-1020 1/417 3/4Ottawa Co. Pond6-16-74Rollie Williams
Crappie, White4-151916 1/4Kingfisher Co. Pond5-4-91Frank Robinson
Drum, Freshwater3841 3/428 3/4Tenkiller Lake5-23-76Harold Phillips
Eel, American5-739 1/29 7/8Lower Illinois River6-3-95Dolores Munsell
Gar, Alligator254-1297 3/444Texoma4-23-2015Paul Easley
Gar, Longnose43-864 1/223 1/2Eufaula8-28-2012Howard Zummer
Gar, Shortnose733 1/211 1/2Atoka7-1-2017Mark D. Benson
Gar, Spotted7-4.835 3/411 3/4Double Creek7-15-2016Ryan Fryar
Goldeye2-818 5/810 3/4Arkansas River4-27-96James R. Smith
Herring, Skipjack3-619 11/6413 3/8Canadian River4-3-92Bobby Moore
Paddlefish16481.7543Keystone Lake6/22/2021Grant Rader
Pickerel, Chain2-1022 1/29 1/2Mt. Fork River4-22-82Eric Lowe
Pickerel, Grass0-7135 1/8Beaver Creek3-17-95Barry Bryant
Pike, Northern36-844     --Lake Carl Etling6-13-76Raymond Fernandez
Redhorse, River8-5.528 1/817 7/8Illinois River2-11-77Willis Pippin
Sauger5-52314Rober S. Kerr1-18-81Chet Munds
Saugeye1028 1/419Ft. Cobb Lake2-24-2006Curt Wilkerson
Shad, Gizzard2-2.61711 1/4Sooner12-21-21Dayton Weber
Sturgeon, Shovelnose1-1024 3/88Arkansas River5-7-96Tommy Jenkins
Sunfish, Bluegill2-6.412 3/414 1/2Kay Co. Pond5-8-87Tom Shorter
Sunfish, Green2-71314 1/4Pontotoc Co. Pond10-16-72Eddie Shulanberger
Sunfish, Hybrid2-5.6812 1/414Craig Co. Pond5-31-2021Dixie Lee
Sunfish, Redear2-1.2512 3/413Logan Co. Pond11-15-73Ruby Lee Farmer
Trout, Brown17-4.6432 3/420Mountain Fork River4-10-2005Jason Archie
Trout, Rainbow11-4.3229 3/1616 9/16Lower Illinois River4-4-2015Paul Glover
Walleye12-1330 3/819 1/2Robert S Kerr5-8-2004Kerry Carter

Official Oklahoma Unrestricted Record Fish Division
To view a picture of the record fish please click on the common name of the fish.

Buffalo, Bigmouth  66-446 1/233Greenleaf Lake4-15-2020Boe Daniel MeehanBow & Arrow
Buffalo, Black 57-1243 1/231Tenkiller Lake6-30-84Chester PennTrotline
Buffalo, Smallmouth 50-439 1/233 1/2Broken Bow5-20-2010Rickey Wayne SmithTrotline
Carp, Common48-134032Broken Bow Lake5-16-2010Scotty LittlesBow & Arrow
Carp, Grass775336 1/4Arbuckle Lake7-30-2002Brandon TaberBow & Arrow
Carpsucker, River11.2823.3921 1/2Konawa10-2-2021Jarrid MonroeBow & Arrow
Catfish, Blue  118-85741 3/4Lake Texoma5-4-88Dan GriderJugline
Catfish, Flathead1066039 1/2Wister Lake4-5-77C. ClubbTrotline
Drum, Freshwater474133Neosho River5-20-1966John StarksTrotline
Eel, American5-8.7409 3/4Webbers Falls8-15-2002Billy DavisonTrotline
Gar, Shortnose9-11.543 1/413 3/8Kaw Dam Tailwater9-2-2007Dwayne CarterBow & Arrow
Gar, Spotted11-10.540 1/1613 3/4Arbuckle Lake3-27-2020Tylor LampkinBow & Arrow
Hogsucker, Northern2-.0115 5/89 1/4Illinois River3-15-2010Clint WilliamsGigging
Redhorse, Black5-1125 3/412 3/4Illinois River12-6-2009Brandon TaberBow & Arrow
Redhorse, Golden8-122916 1/4Illinois River3-16-2008Everett NoblinGigging
Redhorse, River10-928 1/215Illinois River3-17-2010Carl WilliamsGigging
Shad, Gizzard2-1117 7/813 1/4Cache Creek4-18-2020Andrew RobertsBow & Arrow
Spotted Sucker2-12.818 3/810 3/8Lawtonka4-10-2021Noah SmithBow & Arrow
Sturgeon, Shovelnose 2-15.5298 1/2Arkansas River10-12-97Paul R. ForemanThrowline

No official state records exist for the following fish. Minimum weight to be considered is listed for each species:
Sunfish, Rockbass 1 lbs.
Bullhead, Brown 2lbs. 14 oz.
Sunfish, Warmouth 1 lbs.
Sunfish, Longear 1/2 lbs.

Oklahoma State Record Fish Archive Rod & Reel Division (PDF) - Unrestricted Division (PDF)

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