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If your school is not on the below list, it did not qualify for the regional shoot this year.

This was the first year that we had to implement the inter-school shoots. Everyone did a great job! There were 249 teams that submitted scores and well over 5,000 students were able to participate in those shoots. Hopefully your students enjoyed the opportunity to travel to other schools and compete. We encourage each of you to implement more shoots if possible throughout the year.

Teams that qualified have already been assigned a flight times, and can now be viewed below. These flights were assigned based on the higher scores in the latest flights and the lower scores receiving the early flight times. Coaches will need to login to the OKNASP registration site to edit rosters for teams. Instructions for this can be found HERE. Coaches will have until 12 PM Jan. 28 to edit rosters. After this edits will have to be made at the regional shoot itself.




  • Flight 1: 9:00AM
  • Flight 2: 10:00AM
  • Flight 3: 11:00AM
  • Flight 4: 1:00PM
  • Flight 5: 2:00PM
  • Flight 6: 3:00PM
  • Flight 7: 4:00PM

  • If you have questions, feel free to email or call 405/919-1623.

    Region 1
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times
    Region 2
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times
    Region 3
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times
    Region 4
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times
    Region 5
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times
    Region 6
    Elementary Middle School High School Flight Times

    students smiling with with bows “The OKNASP program allows our special needs students to participate on an even playing field with their peers.”
                - Carla Buck, Physical Education Teacher, Mustang Public Schools

    Teaching Archery to Elementary & Middle School students has added diversity and excitement to P.E. class! It has brought our students, parents, teachers & community together & the excitement is contagious! ”
                - Misti Mitchell-Bain, Comanche Public School Physical Education Director/Teacher

    “While teaching the OKNASP course curriculum I noticed that student attendance was near 100 percent and the students’ self discipline was greatly improved.”
                -Colby Cagle, Teacher, Bethel Public Schools

    nasp event panaroma

    Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students. Through the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools (OKNASP) Program, students have the chance to excel today, tomorrow and throughout a lifetime in the unique sport of archery. The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), of which OKNASP is a part, is a coordinated effort and partnership between schools, state wildlife agencies and the nation’s archery industry.


    In Oklahoma, OKNASP promotes physical education by providing target archery training to the state’s youth.

    Designed for 4th-12th graders, the curriculum covers archery history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement.


    How can your school join the program? Teachers attend an eight-hour National Archery Association training class taught by certified Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation instructors. They return to their schools fully prepared to teach the two-week archery course to their students.

    What is required of teachers? Teachers must simply attend a free one-day workshop conducted by OKNASP certified instructors.  Topics covered will include range set up, running a safe archery range, building student skills, equipment maintenance and more.  If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact the OKNASP coordinator.  Once a teacher has completed the training course, their school is eligible to purchase an equipment kit. 

    To learn how to bring this exciting program to your school, contact:  


    Information & Education Specialist - Archery in the School Coordinator Jay Rouk at
    (405) 919-1623.

    New information for the 2015 OKNASP Regional Shoots

  • Regional and Qualifying Shoot Information
  • 2015 Regional Map (.PDF)
  • Blank Qualifying Score Spreadsheet (.XLS - Excel)
  • Example Qualifying Score Spreadsheet (.XLS - Excel)
  • 2015 OKNASP Interschool, Regional, and State Rules

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