Fishing Reports - Northwest


picture of a map of the northwest region of Oklahoma1. Canton
2. Ft. Supply
3. Great Salt Plains
4. Watonga

Canton: April 11. Elevation below normal, water 62 and clear. Walleye and white bass slow on jigs and crankbaits at 2-8 ft. along riprap. Report submitted by Mark Walker, game warden stationed in Blaine County.

Carl Etling: No report submitted.

Ft. Supply
:  April 13. Elevation below normal, water murky. Walleye and white bass good on minnows and jigs along riprap and the discharge. Report submitted by Mark Reichenberger, game warden stationed in Woodward County.

Great Salt Plains: The fishery has not recovered from 2011 kill.

Watonga: No report submitted.



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