Public Fishing Areas: Special Regulations

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In addition to general fishing regulations, statewide species regulations and Department fishing area rules, this section addresses special regulations that apply to public fishing waters.  If a species or body of water is not listed, refer to statewide regulations.

  = Conservation Passport Area

Lower Red River

Daily/Size Limits:

For all of the Lower Red River:

Alligator gar harvest must be reported within 24 hours via E-Check at Transport of shad from the Lower Red River is prohibited. If shad are collected from the Lower Red River for use as bait, they may only be used in the Lower Red River.


For all of the Lower Red River:

Prohibited methods: bowfishing for paddlefish, year-round. (Also see "Tailwaters" regulations; and shad restrictions on Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS)).

Additional Restrictions:

Denison Dam downstream to the mouth of the Shawnee Creek: Anglers are advised to meet all fishing license requirements for both Oklahoma and Texas. See map below.

Lower Red River below Lake Texoma map.

If fishing in Oklahoma waters, an Oklahoma fishing license is required, unless exempt. If fishing in Texas waters, you need a Texas fishing license, unless exempt. A Lake Texoma fishing license is not valid below Denison Dam.

Mouth of Shawnee Creek downstream (east): If fishing in the Red River, anglers must possess an Oklahoma fishing license, unless exempt.


Bryan, Johnston, Love, Marshall
Daily/Size Limits:

Note: Fishing regulations may differ between Oklahoma and Texas portions of Lake Texoma. Check the Texas Fishing Guide for details.

Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass: five combined per day/14-inch minimum for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Striped bass and/or striped bass hybrids: 10 combined per day, of which only two may be 20 inches or longer. White bass: 25 per day/no size limit. All crappie: 37 combined per day/10-inch minimum. Flathead catfish: five per day/20-inch minimum. The attempt to take or harvest alligator gar is prohibited May 1-31. Alligator gar harvest must be reported within 24 hours via E-Check at

Texas Side: During May, no person shall take alligator gar from, or possess alligator gar while on, the Red River (including Lake Texoma) and all tributaries that drain directly or indirectly to the Red River on the Texas/Oklahoma border in Cooke, Grayson, Fannin, Lamar, Red River, and Bowie counties.