Where to Hunt

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation  manages over 1.6 million acres of Wildlife Management Areas statewide. Included in these areas are the lands covered by cooperative agreements.

Wildlife Management Areas

landscape image of Cimmarron Bluff WMA

Named Wildlife Management Areas or WMAs, these areas provide valuable public access for hunting and various other uses. Provided is a state map showing locations and brief area descriptions, as well as contact information for each area. Hunting opportunities and other uses permitted vary from area to area, so be sure to check regulations before planning your Oklahoma WMA outing.


  • Management Area descriptions and important user information
  • Wetland Development Units, Waterfowl Refuge Portions and Migratory Bird Refuge Area Maps
  • ODWC Maps and Hunting Viewer
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Hunting Maps
  • Hunting Access for Persons with Disabilities