Cy Curtis Awards Program - Award Winner Database

picture of Cy Curtis The Cy Curtis Award, named in honor of the man most responsible for the restoration of whitetail deer in Oklahoma, was established in 1975 to recognize trophy deer taken throughout the state. Cy Curtis was a wildlife biologist who worked for the Wildlife Department was from Stilwell and lived from 1912 to 1982.

Program Scoring Criteria

  • Deer legally taken during the 1972 season or thereafter are eligible for scoring
  • Official scoring of trophies can be done any time following a 60 day drying period
  • Harvest information, check in information and license information is required at time of drop off

How It Will Be Scored?

Measurements must be taken by a qualified employee of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, or by a measurer certified by Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young. Sportsmen who harvest deer that meet minimum entry requirements are acknowledged by receiving a certificate as well as having their names entered in the state record book.

Below you will find the score sheets for the Cy Curtis typical and non-typical white-tailed deer. These are being provided for information and rough scoring purposes. To be eligible for entry into the Cy Curtis Awards Program, the rack must be scored by an official scorer employed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, or a certified scorer for either Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young organizations.

Typical whitetail deer score sheet Non-typical whitetail deer score sheet
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How do I get a copy of the Cy Curtis Awards Program Deer Record Book?

The state record book is updated every July. If your deer is accepted into the Cy Curtis program after July 1 of the current year your information will not appear in the state record book until it is printed in July of the following year. You can order a copy of the Cy Curtis Awards Program Deer Record Book by ordering it through the Outdoor Store.

Cy Curtis Awards Program book online

Top Deer Taken in 2013:

Top Nontypical Whitetails Taken in 2013

NameCounty takenHarvest DateMethod of Harvest Score
Preston Lynch Seminole11/26/2013 Gun 198 3/8
Austin BellLove12/7/2013GUN187 1/8
Randy RobinsonCanadian11/2/2013Primitive182 2/8
Steve ReevesPushmataha11/24/2013Gun175 7/8
Mark HarrisAtoka10/28/2013Primitive167 7/8

Top Typical Whitetails Taken in 2013

NameCounty takenHarvest DateMethod of Harvest Score
James NorvellHarmon11/23/2013Gun152 5/8
Leonard LehrmanOkfuskee11/24/2013Gun152 4/8
Tim DiehlLatimer11/25/2013Gun146 0/8
Mark HarrisAtoka10/30/2013Archery143 6/8
Winfred DearMcClain10/26/2013Archery142 7/8
Stanley McQueenOsage11/23/2013Gun142 5/8
Marc HaworthPottawatomie11/23/2013Archery142 5/8
Cole GentryJohnston11/26/2013Gun142 3/8
John BowlesCherokee10/29/2013Primitive141 3/8
Butch BibyMcClain10/27/2013Primitve137 4/8