Cross Timbers WMA

Cross Timbers WMA, photo by Kelly Adams


Game Warden (County):

Area Acres
10,547 ac.
Area Non-Ambulatory Acres
206.18 ac.

Cross Timbers WMA is 10,547.12 acres in Love county located 15 miles west of Marietta of Highway 32. The habitat is a mix of oaks, hickory, and mid-tall native prairie grasses. There are some improved pastures.

Watch Postcard Crosstimbers WMA on YouTube.
Watch Cross Timbers WMA on YouTube.

From Wilson – 9 miles south on State Hwy 76.

From Marietta – 15 miles west on State Hwy 32.

  • Quail: Bobwhite quail are present
  • Deer: Whitetail deer are present
  • Turkey: Rio Grande turkeys are present
  • Rabbit and Squirrel: Cottontail rabbits and fox squirrel are present
  • Furbearers: Raccoon, Bobcat, Coyote, and others are present
  • Dove: Mourning dove availability will increase with future management
  • Waterfowl: Waterfowl habitat is presently limited to stock ponds
  • Songbirds

Habitat will be managed with fire, strip disking, brush hogging, and cattle grazing.

One camping ground will be built. Very little road access is planned. Parking areas will be spaced evenly around the perimeter of the area.

While there are many stock ponds on the area none are reliable water sources.

Area closed to all activities for controlled deer and turkey hunts Nov. 19-27 and Dec. 3-4, 2022; April 16-20 and April 29-May 3, 2023.

Closed Seasons
Deer Gun, Deer Muzzleloader, Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun, Turkey Fall Gun, Sandhill Cranes, Turkey Spring
Same As Statewide Seasons
Dove, Youth Deer Gun, Youth Turkey Spring, Turkey Fall Archery, Deer Archery
Seasons w/ Special Restrictions
  • Squirrel, Rabbit, Rail, Gallinule, Snipe, Quail, Woodcock, Trapping, Pursuit with Hounds for Furbearers, Predator/Furbearer Calling, Waterfowl

Closed from Oct. 1 through the first nine days of deer gun season. Water sets, live box traps and enclosed trigger traps only.

Additional Restrictions:

Closed to all nonhunting activities, except hunter camping, from Oct. 1 – Jan. 31 and during spring turkey season.

Hunter camping is allowed in designated areas only.

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