Bluebird enthusiasts have shared nest box successes with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Wildlife Diversity Program’s Oklahoma Nest Box Trails project since 1985, reporting more than 65,000 fledged bluebirds by the project’s close in 2020.

Though eastern bluebirds had become a mascot of the citizen science project, several other cavity-nesting songbirds use man-made nest boxes and were also in the monitoring line-up. Participants would install a supplemental nest box and occasionally check-in throughout the nesting season to document the number of nesting attempts, clutches, eggs, hatched chicks, and fledged chicks.

Annual reports summarized the reported efforts and successes, and provided 10-year comparisons for the project.

Supplemental nest boxes are a great way to boost your backyard habitat. Find construction plans for eastern bluebirds or designs well-suited to other species along will other tips in the Wildlife Department’s “Landscaping for Wildlife:  A Guide to the Southern Great Plains.

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