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Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015, Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area, located near Frederick in southwestern Oklahoma, offers 7,120-acres of wildlife recreational opportunities. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, along with many conservation-minded partners, restored this legendary wetland, creating a vast mosaic of wetland habitats for prairie waterfowl, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent birds. Upland areas of native sunflowers and cultivated fields interspersed with mesquite have become one of the state’s premier dove-hunting destinations. Open for scheduled events, the modern Hackberry Flat Center offers interpretive guidance for wildlife enthusiasts, students and educators. 

With the completion of the Hackberry Flat Center, this wetland area now offers wetland classroom experiences for school children, meeting facility for workshops, programs and presentations and a place to offer skill development workshops such as waterfowl identification, bird identification and hunter education classes. 

How does the new license requirement affect visitors to Hackberry Flat WMA? At Hackberry Flat WMA, walking the nature trail below the Hackberry Flat Center and enjoying the rest of Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area DOES require a valid hunting or fishing license or the conservation passport for each person unless exempt under the normal license exemptions. However, visitors that stop at the Hackberry Flat Center to use the facilities or get information from the message boards are exempt from this license requirement. Additionally, participants that attend programs and events such as the Saturday programs, Hackberry Flat Day and school field trips that take place at the Center are exempt from this requirement. This conservation passport is valid for all other Department -owned lands not just for Hackberry Flat WMA, such as Gist Wildlife Management Area.

Getting there: 

driving direction to Hackberry Flat WMA

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From Frederick, go south of town one mile on Hwy 183, 
then turn east on Airport Road and go three miles. 
Follow the blacktop road south, and go six miles. 
Watch for Area signs

Visiting Hackberry Flat Center

landscape photos of grass and native flowers




Lodging, restaurants and shopping are available in nearby Frederickwww.frederickokchamber.org










 picnic table



Amenities – The Hackberry Flat Center is open on every second Saturday of the month and for scheduled events. Restrooms are available year-round and a pavilion offers a shady place to have a picnic.  On the back porch the visitor will find the Hackberry Flat booklet which shows a map of the area, the driving route and the official checklist of birds.




Activities - Hackberry Flat offers the visitor a walking trail that begins at the Hackberry Flat Center.  Interpretation is currently being designed for this Trail.  A driving tour will take you around the area explaining how the wetland is managed for wildlife.  Download the driving tour and or email your name and address to receive a booklet in the mail.


Birds observed during the hackberry Flat Day








Hackberry Flat is just one destination on the Hackberry Flat Loop of the Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma. The Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma is a road-based wildlife viewing trail made up of 13 different driving loops. 

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