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Trotline Fishing Videos

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Oklahoma Trotline Regulations

Trotlines/throwlines are restricted to no more than three lines and 100 hooks per person. Persons fishing trotlines or throwlines must release all fish on their lines except those held in possession for their daily limit, before leaving the trotline or throwline.

A legal trotline/throwline has:

  • no glass or metallic floating device on the line;
  • no metallic posts in water for attachment;
  • lines made of nonmetallic material only;
  • hooks at least 24 inches apart;
  • owner’s customer ID attached to each line;
  • been attended at least once every 24 hours;
  • not been set within three feet of surface of water at any point beyond six feet from either point of attachment, except at Great Salt Plains and Fort Supply reservoirs where water is less than three feet deep.