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Hunter Education Replacement Card

You can obtain a replacement card through the steps below if you received your card in Oklahoma. If you were hunter education certified in another state you should contact the state that issued your card to get a replacement card.

To get your Hunter Education number and/or a replacement card to print off. Type your name into the search as it would appear on the original card. If you encounter any issues please call 405-521-3855.

If you would like a hard plastic replacement card download and fill out this form, mail it with a copy of your current card, if you have it.  Send these and $5.00 to: License, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, PO Box 53465, OKC, OK 73152.

How to hunt without Hunter Education?

For additional information contact:

Lance Meek - Senior Information & Education Specialist
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
(405) 522-4572