Outdoor Store - Wildlife License Plates

Show Your Support for Wildlife Conservation

Sport a Wildlife Conservation License Plate

    You can help Oklahoma's wildlife for $38 (original) - $36.50 (renewal)


To order

1: Download form 710-H.  

2: Mail or take form to the Oklahoma Tax Commission or your local tag agency to order a wildlife conservation plate. Your plate will be mailed directly to you.


For immediate pickup, purchase your plate at the Oklahoma Tax Commission office: 2501 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 

The specialty plate fee is in addition to your annual vehicle registration fee.


Wildlife conservation plate proceeds go to Oklahoma’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which assists more than 600 of the state’s wildlife species and the places they live. The Wildlife Diversity Program receives no state tax appropriations and is funded, in large part, through voluntary contributions. Your support makes the difference between good and better wildlife conservation for Oklahoma.

Personalize Your Plate at no additional fee! 

Wildlife Trout

trout license plate

Wildlife Largemouth Bass

 striped bass license plate

Wildlife Striped Bass

 striped bass license plate

Wildlife Deer

 deer license plate

Wildlife Scissortail

 scissor trail flycatcher license plates

Wildlife Quail

 quail license plate

Wildlife Turkey

 turkey license plate 

Texas Horned Lizard

texas horned license plate


mallard duck license plate