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Fishing Guides

An annual fishing guide license is required for residents and non-residents who assist, accompany, or transport, guide or aid persons in the taking of fish for commercial purposes.

The list below is known licensed fishing guides.

Business Name Sort descending Contact Waters Guided
1Troy’S Guide Service All
2 Shanes Guide Service Keystone, Skiatook, Okmulgee
2-S Guide Service Lake Texoma, Red River
3 Rivers Guide Service Lower Illinois, Lower Canadian, Arkansas River
806Ixers Guide Service Texoma
Action Guide Service Lake Texoma And Red River
Advanced Angling Guide Service Zach Petitjean
Advantage Guide Services Jim Mcdonald
Adventure Texoma Lake Texoma
Adventure Texoma Outdoors Lake Texoma
Adventures With Paulie Lake Texoma
After Hours Guide Service Texhoma, Thunderbird, Murray
Afterhours Bowfishing Llc Thunderbird, Konowa, Arbuckle, Ft. Cobb, Sooner, Texoma And Grand Lake
Aim Lowe Guide Services Grand Lake
Albright Fishing Lake Texoma
Alexander Guide Service Grand Lake
All For Him Fishing Guide Eucha, Grand Lake
Allen’S Fishing Adventures Eufaula
Alley Outdoors Texoma
American Striper Guides Lake Texoma
Anthony's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Aquaholic Guide Service Eufaula Texoma Tenkiller Arkansas River System Grand River System
Aspen Guide All Ok Waters
B & C Fishing Adventures Llc Grand , Gibson , Hudson
B And B Guide Service Lake Texoma
B-Rad’S Guide Service Kaw Lake
B&B Hot Spots Pine Creek, Hugo, Broken Bow
B&C Fishing Adventures Ft. Gibson, Hudson, Grand
B&L Guide Service Lake Texoma
Barbers Guide Service Lake Texoma
Barker's Guide Service And Outfitters Lake Texoma
Barker's Guide Service And Outfitters Lake Texoma
Barnett's Crappie Guide Service Colby Barnett
Beard Brothers Guide Service Lake Texoma, Lake Murray
Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service Lower Mountain Fork River
Beavers Bend Fly Shop Lower Mountain Fork River
Big Country Lake Texoma Guide Lake Texoma
Big D's Fishing Guide Svc Lake Texoma
Big Fish Bennett Llc Michael Bennett
Big Fish Texoma Lake Texoma, Lake Murry
Big T's Fishing Eufaula,Ft.Gibson,Robert S Kerr, Arkansaw River
Big Willie’S Guide Service Lake Texoma
Big-D's Guide Service Pine Creek Lake, Broken Bow Lake, Hugo Lake
Bigfoot Bass Guide Broken Bow Lake. Pine Creek Lake
Bigfoot Stripers Lake Texoma
Bill Miller Texoma Striper Guide Texoma
Billy's Guide Service Llc Ft. Gibson, Hudson
Bite Me Fishing Guide Service Fort Gibson
Black's Guide Service Grand Lake
Boe's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Bonefisc Striper Guide Lake Texhoma Striper Guides
Boog’S Guide Service Lake Texoma
Brando’S Guide Service Lake Texoma
Brians Texoma Guide Service Texoma
Broach's Guide Serive Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Broken Bow Lake Crappie Guide Service Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Broken Bow Lake Family Crappie Guide Service Keith Taylor
Broken Bow Lake Guide Service Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Broken Bow Trout Guide Lower Mountian Fork River, Glover River
Broken Bow Trout Guide Lower Mountain Fork River, Glover River
Brothers Keeper Guide Service Lake Texoma, Lake Murray, Lake Of The Arbuckles, Lake Waurika,
Bruce's Guide Service Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Bub's Guide Service Pine Creek Lake And Broken Bow Lake
Buckley Striper Guide Service Texoma
Bust'n Blues Guide Service, Llc Fort Cobb, Tom Steed
Bz Guide Service Grand, Ft Gibson, Oologah, Eucha, Spavinaw, Pumpback, Skiatook, Keystone, Copan, Hulah Lakes
C.C. Guide Service Lake Texoma
Cabin Fever Adventures Texoma
Called To Fish Guide Service Keystone
Cap'n Tim Guide Service Timothy H. Smith
Capt.Steve Barnes Guide Servic Lake Texoma
Captain Martys Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Lake Texoma
Captain Ron Dobbs Lake Texoma Guide Service Lake Texoma
Captain Ron's Fish And Scuba Broken Bow Lake
Cat Daddy's Guide Service Ft Gibson, Arkansas River, Verdi Gris River
Cc's Guide Service Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Hugo
Cd's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Chasin’ Tail Guide Service Grand Lake
Checkurfly Guide Service Upper Illinois River
Chris Stowe Guide Service Texoma
Chuck Justice Guide Service Mcgee Creek, Sardis, Pine Creek
Circle B Guide Service Lake Texoma
Circle B Guide Service Lake Texoma
Cj Guide Service Texoma
Cline's Guide Service Texoma
Clint's Guide Service Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Clint's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Coache's Fishng Llc Grand Lake
Cody’S Guide Service Lake Texoma
Corleys Guide Service Pine Creek Lake, Broken Bow Lake
Cornett's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Cory Kerbo Lake Texoma
Crappie Fishing Tv - Guide Service Eufaula, Grand
Crappie Killer Dave Guide Service Eufaula
Crappie Only Guide Service N.E. Oklahoma
Creators Guide Service Lake Texoma
Cross Guide Service Texoma, Keystone, Beaver
Crosswinds Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Curt's Guide Service Ft Cobb, Waurika, Lawtonka, Ellsworth
D&K Guide-Service Eufaula
Dalton Stowes Guide Service Texoma
Daniels Guide Service Lake Texoma
Darkwater Adventures All
David Guide Service David Hess
Dean Guide Service Broken Bow Lake
Dean Guide Service Lower Mt Fork River
Didier & Sons Guide Service Canton Lake, Fort Cobb Lake, Foss Lake
Doc’S Guiding Service Arkansas River, Illinois River
Dodd's Guide Service Lake Eufaula
Dom’S Guide Service Oologah, Keystone, Kaw, Grand, Fort Gibson
Donald Risner Striper Guide Lake Texoma
Donavan Clary Fishing Illinois River, Arkansas River, Tenkiller Lake
Doug Storey Guide Service Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Drew & Co. Guide Service, Llc Lake Of The Arbuckles
Driftwood Outdoors, Llc All Oklahoma Waters
Dtf Guide Service Ft Gibson Lake, Eufaula Lake, Kerr, Hudson Lake
Duck Life Outfitters All
Dw's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Eastern Oklahoma Guide Services Llc Arkansas River, Robert S Kerr, Tenkiller, Eufaula, Fort Gibson, Grand, Keystone
Eat My Crappies Lake Eufaula
Eddie's Fishing Adventures Grand, Oologah, Keystone, Eufala, Ft. Gibson
Elite Fishing Guide Service Thunderbird, Kaw, Bell Cow Lake
Eufaula Boys Crappie Guide Service Eastern Oklahoma
Evett Electric Marine Division Lake Texoma
Faith & Country Guide Service Lake Texoma
Fat Cats Guide Service, Llc Grand Lake
Fathead's Guide Service Keystone And Sooner
Finally Fishing Guide Service Texoma
Fish N Fun Guide Service All Waters
Fish On Guide Service Skiatook, Oologah, Fort Gibson, Sooner Lake, Keystone Lake
Fish With Mitch Guide Service Lake Texoma
Fishin Texoma Lake Texoma
Fishing By Sam Grand Lake
Fly Fishmore Llc Mountain Fork River, Private Ponds
Flywater Angling Adventures Lake Texoma
Fords Guide Service Lake Texoma
Fredneck Outdoors Llc. Ft Cobb, Arbuckle, Thunderbird, Eufaula, Wauricka
Freeman Guide Service Lake Texoma
Fullers Guide Service Texoma
Gary Cooper Striper Guide Service Texoma
Gary's Guide Service Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Gary's Striper Guide Service-Lake Texoma Lake Texoma
Gat'n Bent Guide Service Lake Texoma
Gator's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Get Hooked Fishing Guide Service Lake Texoma, Murray, And Arbukcle
Get Hooked Guide Service Grand Lake
Get The Net Eufaula, Wister
Get'n Spooled Guide Service Lake Texoma
Gone Fishin' Guide Service Lake Texoma
Gone Hook'n Guide Service Lake Texoma
Good Times Fishing Co. Lake Texoma
Gordie's Wildlife, Inc Grand River And Skiatook Lake
Grammer's Guide Service Pine Creek Lake And Broken Bow Lake
Grand River Monsters Bowfishing Charters Hudson, Grand, Spavinaw, Eucha, Keystone, Ft. Gibson, Tenkiller
Guaranteed Guide Service Texoma
Gump Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
H&M Texoma
Hammon Guide Service Texoma
Happy Hooker Guide Service Oologah Lake
Harkins Guide Service Lake Texoma
Harrison's Hooked Up Guide Service Broken Bow Lake, Wister Lake
Hawker's Guide Service Keystone, Skiatook, Sooner, Birch, Ft Gibson
High Water Guide Service Grand Lake
Hochatown Trout Fishing Guide Broken Bow, Mtn. Fork Upper & Lower, Tenkiller, Illinois Upper & Lower, Ft Gibson Lake
Hoel’S Guide Service Lake Arcadia, Lake Carl Blackwell, Lake Eufaula
Hook's Catfish Guide Service Kerr, Arkansas River, Euflua Lake, Fort Gibson Lake
Hookedup Lake Texoma
Hooker On Rods Guide Service Lake Texoma
Hybrid Patrol Fishing Guide Service Sooner, Lake Carl Blackwell, And Keystone
Infinity Fishing Lakes In Ne Ok, Grand Lake
J & M Fishing Guide Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Jarron Williams Fishing Guide Service Eufaula Lake ; Okmulgee Lake
Jason Harrelson Guide Service Lake Texoma, Red River
Jaw Droppers Guide Service All Northeast Oklahoma
Jayson Risner Strper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jb's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jb’S Bowfishing Guide Services All Oklahoma
Jd Adams & Co Waters Of Oklahoma - Moving Bodies Of Water, I.E Upper Illinois, Lower Illinois, Lower Mountain Fork
Jd Lyle's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jerk Your Fish Properly Oologah, Hudson
Jerry's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jerry’S Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jess Westbrook Lower Mountain Fork River
Jfly Llc. Illinois River
Johnson's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Jp's Crappie Guide Service Atoka, Sardis, Pine Creek, Hugo
Jtep Guide Service All
Juniors Guide Service Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Justin Lewis Lower Mountain Fork, Blue River
Justin Parker's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Karstetter Guide Service Keystone & Skiatook
Kaw Lake Fishing Guide Service Kaw Lake
Keener Fishing Llc Eufaula And Surrounding Lakes And Rivers
Keepin' It Reel Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Kekoa Outdoors,Inc. Lake Texoma, Mountain Fork River, Illinois River, Guadalupe River
Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters Keystone,Grand,Ft Gibson , Eufala,Oologah
Kindell Fishing Llc Eufaula
Kolton Daniel Guide Service Texoma
Kyle Williams Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake, Hugo Lake
Lake Texoma Fishing With Bob Faulkner Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma Guide Service Lake Texoma, Red River
Lake Texoma Hunting And Fishing Guide Service Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma Striper Hunter Guide Service Lake Texoma
Lance's Guide Service Oologah, Kaw, Keystone, Grand, Skiatook, Fort Gibson
Larry Williams Guide Service Lake Texoma
Larry’S Hook Line And Sinker Guide Service Skiatook. Keystone, Oolagah And Sooner Lakes
Last Cast Fishing Guide Service Keystone Lake,Sooner Lake,Grand Lake,Okmulgee Lake
Let's Go Fishing Broken Bow
Lewis Guide Service Lake Texoma
Louie's Lures Guide Service Lake Texoma Lake Texoma
Lowry Fishing Service, Llc Illinois River, Grand River, Elk River, Baron Fork River , Flint Creek, Neosho River, Spring River, Canadian Rivers, Deep Fork River
Lrt Guide Service Spring River, Elk River, Grand Lake
Mark Grasmann Fishing Grand Lake
Master Striper Guide Lake Texoma
Mcbride Outside All
Mccullough Bowfishingguide Service Al Oklahoma Waters
Michael Satterelli All Oklahoma Rivers And Lakes
Mickey Rose Guide Service Lake Texoma
Mike Keppinger’S Texoma Fishing Guide Service Texoma
Mjhartman’S Guide Service Texoma
Moe Rogers Guide Service Texoma
Mojo Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Montgomery Guide Service Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Hugo, Mcgee, Sardis
Mountain Fork Outfitters Lower Mtn Fork River, Broken Bow Lake
Mountain Fork Outfitters Lower Mountain Fork River
Nailed'em Crappie Guide Service All Ok Waters
No Wake Guide Service Grand/ Ft Gibson
No Wake Guide Service Llc Grand Lake, Ft Gibson
Nocturnal Nightmare Bowfishing Kaw Lake, Canton Lake, Sooner Lake, Grand Lake
Noquit Fishing Guide Service Ft Gibson, Eufaula, Hudson, Oologah
North Texas Guide Service Lake Texoma
Noss Outdoors Lake Texoma, Eufaula, Ft. Cobb, Foss Lake
Oakley Guide Service Carl Blackwell, Sooner, Keystone Lakes
Off The Rocks Fly Fishing White River, King's River
Okie Boys Adventures All Of Oklahoma
Okie Boys Adventures All Of Oklahoma
Okie Fly Gal All Oklahoma Waters
Okie Slab Seekers Guide Service Eufaula Lake, Texoma, Atoka, Kerr, Keystone
Okie Tex Outfitters Lake Texoma
Okie-Tex Scott Bramlett
Oklahoma Fly Company Upper And Lower Illinois
Oklahoma Freedom Fishing Eufaula, Okemah, Dripping Springs
Oklahoma Paddlefish Guide Service Fort Gibson And Keystone
Oklahoma Paddlefish Guide Service Keystone Lake, Fort Gibson Lake
Ole Smoke Outdoors Grand Lake
On The Bronze Outfitters Illinois River, Baron Fork
On The Line Fishing Guide Service Verdi Gris, Hudson, Ft Gibson, Oolagah, Pumpback
On The Rivers Fly Fishing Company Lower Mountain Fork River
Orval Blunt Fishing Tenkiller, Ft Gibson, Greenleaf, Oolagah, Eufaula
Outdoor Adventure Guide Service Eufaula
Papa Bob's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Paul Tennies Guide Service Sooner Lake, Kaw Lake
Paul’S Guide Service Oologah, Keystone, Copan, Hulah, Skiatook, Navigation Channel, Kaw
Phil's Lake Texoma Guide Service Texoma, Murray
Phill's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Playin-Hooky Llc Lake Texoma
Pointbreak Crappie Guide Service Oklahoma
Pritchard's Guide Service Grand Lake Ft. Gibson Lake
Pulley's Fishing Guide Service Keystone, Heyburn, Eufaula, Skiatook
Rays Open Waters All Ok Waters
Red Beard Guide Services Lake Texoma
Reeds & Rods Guide Service Llc Kaw Lake
Reel Adventures Guide Service Kaw Sooner Lake Carlblackwell
Reel Down Fishing Lake Texoma
Reel Easy Fishing Lake Texoma
Reel Fishing Striper Guide Lake Texoma
Reel Good Time Guide Service Keystone, Fort Gibson, Oolagah, Grand Lake
Reel Good Time Guide Service Keystone, Grandlake, Oologah,Kaw, Gibson
Reel In Guide Service Eufaula, Keystone, Kerr
Reel Livin Guide Service Lake Texoma
Reel Lucky Guide Service Texhoma
Reel Time Guide Service Lake Texoma
Reelin Them In Guide Service Texoma, Eufaula, Atoka, Hugo
Rex Bridges Guide Service Lake Texoma
Rickson Taylor Lake Texoma
Riddle's Texoma Striper Guides Lake Texoma
Riley Daniel Guide Service Lake Texoma
Ripnlip Guide Service Oolagah Kaw Copan Skiatook Hulah
River Banks Outdoor Adventures Rvrbnx All Ok Waters
River Bottom Boys Guide Service Llc Lake Eufaula, And All Other Ok Waters
Rm Fishing Texoma - Durant And Surrounding Lakes
Rodney's Guide Service Keystone Lake, Skiatook Lake, Ft Gibson Lake, Sooner Lake, Oologah Lake.
Roger's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Roland's Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Rollins Fishing Charters Wister Lake. Broken Bow Lake
Rr Guide Service Lake Texoma
Rr Guide Service Lake Texoma
Rr Guide Service Lake Texoma
Rudy's Guide Service Broken Bow & Pine Creek Lakes
S & S Guide Service Eufaula. All Oklahoma Lakes
S&J Fishing Guide Service Mountain Fork River, Pine Creek Lake, Broken Bow Lake, Glover River, Little River
S&S Guide Service Lake Eufaula
Saccaro's Guide Service Eufaula
Sardis Lake Custom Lures All Ok Waters
Scott Bridgess Texoma
Screaming Reels Guide Service Waurika Lake
Self Outdoor Guide Service Lake Eufaula
Sethros Slab Service Kerr Lake
Shangri-La Guide Service Grand Lake, And All Ok Waters
Shaw Guide Service Lake Texoma
Sko Fly Fishing Upper Illinois River
Slab Slayer Guide Service Llc Lake Texoma And Lake Murray
Slabbin Mikes Guide Service Northeast Oklahoma
Smith's Elite Walleye Guide Service Broken Bow Lake
Smiths Guide Service Eufaula
Sooner State Fishing Charters Sooner Lake, Keystone Lake
Southern Wind Guide Service Texoma
Sparky Bare Texoma Fishing Guide All Oklahoma Waters
Sparky's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Sparky's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Spears Guide Service Llc Kaw & Sooner Lake
Spoonbill Wreckers Grand Lake, Grand River, Neosho River
Spoonbill Wreckers Canadian River, Grand Lake, Arkansas River
Spreads Out Outfitters Ft Gibson, Hudson, Mcclellen Kerr, Eufuala, Oologah
Staley Adventures Lake Texoma
Standard Guide Service Lake Texoma
Starkey Outdoors Oologah, Hudson, Ft.Gibson, Keystone, Grand, Copan, Skiatook And All Oklahoma Waters.
Stovers Guide Service Texoma
Stowe Boyz Striper Guideservice Texoma
Stretch’N Line Guide Service Public
Stringer Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma
Striper Cat Guide Service Lake Texoma
Striper Country Guide Service Llc Lake Texoma
Striper County Guide Service Lake Texoma
Striper Express Guide Service Lake Texoma
Striper Master Guide Service Lake Texoma
Striperman.Com Lake Texoma
Stripers Inc. Lake Texoma
Stump Buster Outdoors Ft Gibson, Grand, Hudson, Arkansas River, Tenkiller
Summertime Outdoors All Waters
Swamp Donkey Guide Service Lake Texoma
T & C Fishing Adventures Keystone, Eufaula, All Oklahoma Waters
T & C Fishing Adventures Keystone, Eufaula, All Oklahoma Waters
T & G Guide Service Lake Texoma
T.Mcd's Guide Service All Of Northeast Oklahoma
T.R.G. X 2 Fishing Llc Skiatook, Shell, Sahoma, Keystone, Bixhoma, Tahoma
T&M Fishing Guide Service Kerr, Ft Gibson, Eufaula, Keystone, Grand, Ark & Ok River
Tcc Guide Service Eufaula, Hudson, Ft. Gibson, Oologah, Grand
Texoma Striper Adventures Lake Texoma, Red River, Washita River
Texoma Striper Company Texoma
Texoma Striper Fishing Lake Texoma
Texoma Striper Kings Lake Texoma
Texoma Striper Snipers Guide Service Lake Texoma
Texoma Trips Guide Service Lake Texoma
The Art Of Fishing Guide Services Keystone, Oologah, Skiatook
Thomas Guide Service All Ok Waters
Three D's Guide Service Lake Texoma
Three Daughters Fly Fishing Lower Mountain Fork
Tied2fly.Com Lower Mountain Fork River
Tinks Fishing Guide Service Broken Bow Reservoir, Pine Creek Lake, Hugo Lake
Tj Fishing Co & Guide Service Llc Keystone, Gibson, Oologah, Hudson, Eufaula, Copan
Tks Guide Service All, Lake Thunderbird, Lake Konawa, Canadian River, Washita River, Lower Mountain Fork River, Arkansas River
Tnt Crappie Guide Lake Eufaula
Toews Guide Service Sooner, Keystone, Kaw, Texoma
Tommy Thornton Lower Illinois River, Arkansas River, Canadian River
Toms Guide Service Lake Texoma
Travis Harris Fish On Llc Lake Texoma
Triple H Crappie Fishing Elsworth
Triple Header Fishing Guide Lake Texoma
Trophy Fishing Adventures Lake Texoma
Trophy Hunters Guide Service Lake Texoma, Red River
Tuck’S Aqua Charters All
Unreel Fishing Lake Texoma Texoma
Wadsworth Guide Service Kaw, Keystone, Oolagah, Copan
Wheeler Guide Service Lake Texoma
Wild Bill's Fishing Adventures Llc Eufaula
Wild Goose Adventures Canton. Foss, Fort Cobb, Fort Supply
Wildfly Fishing Illinois River, Arkansas River,
Williams Guide Service Grand Lake
Willie's Bow Fishing Guide Service Foss Lake, Canton, Fort Cobb And All Other Oklahoma Lakes
Willow Creek Guide Service Fort Cobb, Ellsworth, Tom Steed, Foss,Texoma
Wingo's Guide Service Lake Texoma, Red River
Your Way Guide Service Texoma, Murray
Zac Horton Fishing And Guide Service Konawa Lake Sportsman’S Lake Arbuckle Lake Prague Lake Eufaula Lake