Lipped Crankbaits

Crankbaits are the ultimate reactionary strike lure. They are often retrieved erratically and stimulate a predatory fish’s instinct to strike even if that fish is not necessarily in “feeding” mode.

Lipped crankbaits are hard-bodied lures that have different sized “lips” that allow the lure to dive to a certain depth depending on the retrieve speed, size and angle of the lip. When not in motion a crankbait will float to the surface.

Crankbaits create all types of noise and vibration and are great to fish around structure. The lure will bounce off of logs and rocks, triggering predatory fish into a bite.  

Lipped crankbaits are also great for anglers looking to troll. Depending on the size of the lip and speed of the watercraft, the crankbait will fish steadily at a certain depth. This method works well during white bass spawning runs.

Crankbaits are an effective way to catch schooling predatory fish in open water. More resilient than soft plastic swimbaits, crankbaits can be trolled for walleye, saugeye, striped bass and large hybrid striped bass. Crankbaits can hold up to the strain of continuous catching while also covering ample amounts of water.

Popular crankbait colors can vary greatly by body of water. Consistent producing colors include tiger perch, white/chartreuse/blue/orange combinations, shad colorations and white/yellow/blue combinations.