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The Dock Submission

Submission Guidelines

Photos will not be published unless they meet the following criteria:

  • Fish was caught in Oklahoma in 2024; and
  • Any person(s) shown in the photo must be appropriately dressed; and
  • No tobacco, alcohol, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, or firearms present in the photo; and
  • Fish must be clean and whole (i.e. not bloody, filleted, or gutted); and
  • No more than one daily limit for a particular species per person shown in the photo. If no person is shown in the photo, no more than one daily limit for a particular species may be shown in the photo.

Provide your first & last name (or initial).
Upload your image.
One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
What date was the fish caught?
Fish species caught? If species is not listed select -none-
Private or Public Waters
Was the fish caught on private waters or public waters?
Was the fish caught on a Wildlife Management Area (WMA)?
If the fish was caught on a WMA, which area was it?
Where was the fish caught?  If body of water is not listed, select -none-

County fish caught?

Contact Phone (Optional)
*This info will not be displayed to the public.
* By hitting "Submit," the photographer acknowledges that, while he or she retains full ownership of the submitted image(s), he or she is granting the Wildlife Department a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right to publish the photograph(s) in "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine, on the Department's website, and in related printed material or other means of communication and visual media that relate to the Department's educational programs and overall mission. The photographer warrants that he or she is the sole owner of all copyright interests in the photograph(s) and has full authority to grant the Department the rights referenced herein. The photographer will be credited for his or her image(s), and submissions may qualify as a tax-deductible donation to the Wildlife Department.