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Oklahoma Deer Share

In recent years antlerless harvest has started to trend downwards in Oklahoma. Hunters play a vital role in helping maintain a healthy deer population. A key goal of a healthy herd is an even buck-to-doe ratio. In order to help supplement hunters who want to help harvest more does and share that harvest with others, we have set up a Deer Share page to help coordinate hunters transferring their harvest to someone interested in obtaining fresh deer meat.

We recommend those planning to harvest a deer post their information on this page before their hunt so someone interested can hopefully reach out to them before the hunt and make a commitment to accepting the harvest.  This way, upon a successful hunt they can quickly transfer the fresh harvest to the interested party who can then quickly process the deer themselves or deliver it to a local processor.

Are you interested in sharing your deer harvest?

Please consider listing your name and contact information so those who would like fresh deer meat can reach out to you and pick it up.  This information will be available for 28 days.  When transferring meat to another person, remember it can't be sold or traded (only shared as a gift) and the person receiving the meat is responsible for maintaining a record of possession including the hunter's name and e-check number.  Click here or the image below to post your information so that someone may contact you. Please note that the information submitted will be reviewed before your submission will appear live.

Submit Deer Share

Are you interested in obtaining fresh deer venison?

If you are interested in obtaining fresh deer meat, see the contacts provided below.  These individuals plan to harvest a deer in the future or have already harvested a deer and would like to coordinate transferring that harvest to someone who is interested or in need of it.  Please know that when accepting meat you are responsible for keeping a record of possession including the hunter's name and e-check number.  For those accepting and processing their own deer, please review the proper carcass disposal information.

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