Other License Applications and Permits



Application For Non-Ambulatory Hunting Permit

Application For Motor Vehicle Hunting Permit

Crossbow Use

Fishing Guide License Application

Wildlife Breeder Applications

Commercial  Breeder Application  Pdf 

Non-Commercial Breeder Application  Pdf Or  Word


Miscellaneous Applications


Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Permit Application (.PDF) (New for 2015)

Commercial Hunting Area License Application  (updated 3/8/2010 to include additional record keeping forms)

Dog Trainer Application Pdf

Exhibitor's License Application  Pdf

Feral Hog Depredation Permit Application   

Minnow Dealer Application Form

Operation Game Thief  Word

Professional Trapping License

Rehabilitator Application

Request Form to Hunt "White Deer" - Restrictions against killing white (albino or piebald) deer have been removed. Hunters are permitted to harvest white deer as part of their season limit.

Shoot-To-Kill Field Trial Permit Application

Scientific Collection Application

Turtle Harvester Application Form

Wildlife Import/Export Application

Aquatic Import/Export Application

Fish for Your Farm Pond