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Want something better than duct tape for your big game field tag? The Wildlife Department has recently released a wallet-sized, optional set of custom field tags that you can use for tagging your game animal or fish in the field. A set of three is available through your Go Outdoors Oklahoma profile for just $6.

All hunters (including lifetime license holders), who harvest a deer, elk, antelope, turkey or bear must immediately attach a field tag securely to the carcass of their animal with their name, customer ID number, and date and time of harvest (paddlefish that you keep must also be tagged immediately with your customer ID number). While a field tag can be anything, these newly released tags already include most of the required information and provide space to add your date and time of harvest and e-check confirmation number (we recommend using a black permanent marker). They are durable enough to stay in place when attached to a carcass and can easily be tucked away into your wallet or hunting pack! Plus, your field tag purchase supports efforts by the Wildlife Department to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters and anglers to help keep our traditions strong and conservation funded for the future.  

After you field tag your animal or fish, remember to use the Go Outdoors Oklahoma mobile app or within 24 hours to complete the e-checking requirements for the game you’ve harvested. You’ll be issued a confirmation number, which must be added to your field tag. The number must be kept with the carcass to its final destination or through processing and/or storage at commercial processing or storage facilities (Hint: our 3-pack of durable hard cards have a blank space for your confirmation number!).

To get your durable field tags today, log in to your profile, select "Purchase License," and search for the "Durable Field Tag - 3 pack" option.