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The highly anticipated Outdoor Oklahoma magazine’s Readers’ Photography Showcase issue is almost here! Did you enter your photos? And did your work win a spot in our Showcase?
In our eyes, everyone who shares their photos in our contest each year is a winner. This year, we had nearly 600 images entered by 250 talented folks. But space limitations in the magazine meant that only the best 100 or so photos could win a spot in print.
We send a hearty congratulations to those whose entries were selected as “the cream of the crop” this year! Those who will be appearing in our July/August issue are:

2022 Outdoor Oklahoma Reader Photography Showcase Cover
Kyle Underwood/RPS 2022

Justin Avery

Erin Banta

Don Barksdale

Sherman L. Barr

Kim Bellman

Ben Benson

Brian B. Berry

Tony Berry

Desiree Branson Cline

Scott Briggs

Mark Bright

Michael Bryan

Bill Carrell

Kellie Carter

Bob Chance

Sreemala Das Majumder

Denae Davenport

Raygan Dodd

Robert A. Dollarhide

Amy Drabek

Carolyn Ehlers

Jerry Ehlers

Melanie Emerson

Ashley Faram

Stacy Freeny

Scott Gallagher

David Garrett

Sheila Gillis

Gary Grady

Eldon Harris

Juanita Harris

Justin Hulsey

Robert Karges

Stephanie Keef

Anitra Lavanhar

Kit Leong

Monica Martinez

Alex McBride

Steve Metz

Jacob Miller

Corey Rex Miller

Mitch Moore

Riley Motrych

Chase Moxley

Morgan Nabors

Josh Newton

Ted Nishimuta

Jim Norwood

Brenda Osbourne

Ron Parker

Bryan Pearson

Karen Perez

Mary E. Phillips

Ryan Priddy

Tapangia Richardson

David Rios

Mark Robinson

Tim Rossiter

Pratyaydipta Rudra

Randy Sander

Seth Schubert

Randy Shackleford

Scott Smith

Bluto Smith

Vijay Somalinga

Susan Stewart

David Strozdaz

Richard Taylor

Jenna Tow

Liz Tyner

Kyle Underwood

Cheryl Welch

Kay Williams

John Wilson

Coy Woods Neal

Jeremiah Zurenda

Collection of photos from the 2022 issue of Outdoor Oklahoma, Readers' Photography Showcase
Collection of photos from the 2022 issue of Outdoor Oklahoma, Readers' Photography Showcase

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