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The Pros and Cons of Food Plots

A common misconception is that managing habitat for wildlife requires food plantings or a food plot. Conversely, good wildlife management does not require food plantings and, likewise, food plantings alone are not indicative of good wildlife management.

The Ins and Outs of Ideal Wild Turkey Roost Trees

Roost trees are vital for a turkey on a daily basis as well as on a seasonal basis. In the evenings, turkeys will perch up off the ground where they are protected from predators, then fly down in early mornings.

A Closer Look at Patch-Burn Grazing for Livestock and Wildlife

Management practices like patch-burn grazing are beneficial for cattlemen and wildlife managers alike, increasing both the profitability of the livestock operation while also increasing the recreational value of the property.

Controlling Chinese Privet

We address the plant, the problem, and the solution for controlling Chinese privet.

Fixing Muddy Ponds

Corrective measures and treatment options for muddy ponds.

Tree Snags: Important Pillars of Life

For wildlife, standing dead trees, or snags, can be pillars of life.

Goats: An alternative brush management tool

For some land managers, goats may be an alternative to expensive brush management methods.

Trickle Down Economics for Wildlife

Is maintaining or even boosting your bottom-line while improving wildlife habitat a pipe dream? It’s an economics topic that is worth exploring.

Herman Jones Named ODWC Landowner of the Year

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation acknowledges Adair County landowner Herman Jones of Stilwell as the 2022 Landowner of the Year.

The Ins and Outs of “Tiger Bass®”

If you're interested in boosting the largemouth bass trophy potential of your pond and truly growing giants, you may want to look into stocking hybrids of some sort, like tiger bass®.