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State Wildlife Grants

What is the State Wildlife Grants Program?

State wildlife agencies are responsible for the conservation of the majority of fish and wildlife resources, but funding for conservation has been limited throughout our history. During the past 70 years, dedicated funding programs have been developed for the conservation of game and sport fish species, but many species, including rare or declining ones, are not eligible for funding assistance under these programs. Congress recognizes this limitation and in federal fiscal year 2001 it authorized and funded the State Wildlfie Grants Program. This program is a federal cost-share program that is restricted to statutory state fish and wildlife management agencies; the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is the approved state agency for the state of Oklahoma.

The purpose of the State Wildlife Grants program is to support proactive conservation and management activities on behalf of the rare and declining species that are in greatest need of conservation attention. In order to most effectively use the limited conservation funding that is available through the State Wildlife Grants program, the ODWC worked with interested constituents and technical experts to prepare a strategic conservation plan that identifies the wildlife species in greatest conservation need, the habitats with which they are associated, and the factors that most substantially appear to affect their population. This plan is called the Oklahoma Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. The Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy was recently updated and approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service June 10, 2016. The original plan was approved October 12, 2005.


Grant Name Grant # Start Date End Date Report
Evaluating the Spatial and Temporal Distribution and Ecology of Bighead and Silver Carp and Native Fishes of the Lower Red River Basin T-119 2020-11-01 2022-06-30 PDF
Life History of Western Chicken Turtles in Southeastern Oklahoma T-114-R-1 2020-01-01 2022-06-30 PDF
Status of the Regal Fritillary in Oklahoma T-110-R-1 2019-01-01 2021-06-30 PDF
Life History and Ecology of the Ozark Emerald and Associated Crayfishes in the Ouachita Mountains/West Gulf Coastal Plain Region T-108-R-1 2018-10-01 2021-06-30 PDF
Movement and flow-recruitment relationships of Prairie Chub: An Endemic Great Plains cyprinid T-104-R-1 2018-07-01 2021-06-30 PDF
Surveys to Assess Suitability of Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) Reintroduction Sites in Oklahoma T-101-R-1 2018-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Targeted Surveys for the Peppered Shiner in the Kiamichi, Little, Glover and Mountain Fork Rivers T-100-R-1 2018-01-01 2020-06-30 PDF
Assessing the distribution and habitat needs of the Least Darter and sympatric species of the Ozark and Arbuckle Mountain ecoregions T-99-R-1 2017-10-01 2020-09-30 PDF
Surveys for Wintering Yellow Rails in Oklahoma T-98-R-1 2017-10-01 2019-06-30 PDF
The Influence of Behavior, Physiology, and Genomics on the Reproductive Success of Alligator Snapping Turtles T-97-R-1 2017-09-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Assessing the Impacts of Road Culverts on Stream Fishes in Eastern Oklahoma T-92-R-1 2017-07-01 2019-06-30 PDF
A Survey for Rare Mayfly and Caddisfly Species of Greatest Conservation Need T-93-R-1 2017-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Investigation of Shinnery Oak Propagation and Establishment as Framework for Restoration T-95-R-1 2016-10-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Detecting Native Aquatics Network - A Novel Biodiversity Monitoring Program for Native Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Species Using Environmental DNA T-91-R-1 2016-10-01 2020-06-30 PDF
Oklahoma Biodiversity Information System:  An Integrated, Online Data System for Conservation Planning T-90-M-1 2016-04-01 2020-03-31 PDF
Geographic Distribution and Ecological Impact of Aquatic Invasive Plants in Oklahoma T-89-1 2016-04-01 2021-06-30 PDF
Ecological Assessment of Ozark Watersheds Using Breeding Birds T-88-1 2016-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Determine the Distribution of State Endangered Longnose Darter through Niche Model Transferability T-87-1 2016-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Biological surveys to determine the breeding range, habitat needs, and co-occuring faunal communities associated with Black Rails (Laterallus jamaicensis) in Oklahoma T-86-1 2016-01-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Distribution, Abundance and Genetic Variation of the Prairie Speckled Chub T-85-1 2016-01-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Implementation of a Program to Address Energy-Related Wildlife and Habitat Impacts T-64-R-2 2015-06-01 2018-06-30 PDF
A Biological Survey of the Linda's Roadside Skipper Butterfly T-82-1 2015-04-01 2020-03-31 PDF
Distribution, Population Estimate, and Response to Prescribed Fire in the Rattlesnake-Master Borer Moth at the Nature Conservancy’s Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage County, Oklahoma T-83-1 2015-01-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Tracking the Emergence of Infectious Diseases Among Amphibian Species of Greatest Conservation Need T-80-1 2015-01-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Assessment of Distribution, Status and Habitat Needs of Rare Mussel Species in the Little River Watershed in Oklahoma T-79-1 2014-10-01 2016-09-30 PDF
Assessment and Survey of the Presence, Distribution, and Habitat of the Texas Kangaroo Rat, Dipodomys elator, in Oklahoma T-78-1 2014-10-01 2017-09-30 PDF
Mapping Threats for Oklahoma's Ozark Karst Species T-81-1 2014-10-01 2016-09-30 PDF
Assessment of the Density and Spatial and Temporal Variation of the American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) in Oklahoma T-76-1 2014-01-01 2017-06-30 PDF
Survey of Clear Boggy, Muddy Boggy, Kiamichi and Little River Drainages in Oklahoma T-74-1 2014-01-01 2016-06-30 PDF
Understanding Impacts of Surface-Groundwater Conditions on Stream Fishes Under Altered Base-Flow Conditions T-71-1 2014-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
An Assessment of Impacts of Bighead Carp on SGCN in the Neosho and Spring Rivers T-70-1 2014-01-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Assessing the Extent and Density of Chicken Turtle Populations in Southeastern Oklahoma T-75-1 2013-10-01 2017-12-31 PDF
Status, Distribution and Ecology of the Ozark Emerald (Somatochlora ozarkensis) and other Springtime-Emerging Dragonflies of Eastern Oklahoma T-73-1 2013-10-01 2016-09-30 PDF
State Wildlife Grants Coordination T-72-1 2013-10-01 2018-09-30 PDF
Girdner Tract Land Acquisition, Cherokee County T-66-L-1 2013-10-01 2015-09-30 PDF
Oklahoma Ecological Systems Mapping: Phase 2, Western Oklahoma T-67-1 2013-10-01 2015-09-30 PDF
Wildlife Diversity Inventory on Oklahoma Wildlife Management Areas with Emphasis on Species of Greatest Conservation Need T-65-1 2013-10-01 2018-09-30 PDF
Determining Current Distribution, Movement and Habitat Use of Shovelnose Sturgeon in Oklahoma Waters T-68-R-1 2013-09-01 2018-08-31 PDF
A General Status Assessment of Blue Suckers in Oklahoma Rivers T-69-1 2013-08-01 2018-06-30 PDF
Development and Implementation of a Program to Address Energy Related Wildlife and Habitat Impacts T-64-R-1 2012-06-01 2015-06-30 PDF
A Survey of the Freshwater Turtles in Eastern Oklahoma T-51-2 2012-05-15 2012-12-31 PDF
Habitat Restoration and Population Assessment of Chicken Turtles and Crawfish Frogs at Bohler Seeps and Sandhills Preserve T-63-R-1 2012-01-23 2013-12-31 PDF
Distribution and Diversity of Grotto and Oklahoma Salamanders in the Oklahoma Ozarks T-61-R-1 2011-12-01 2015-11-30 PDF
Update and Revision of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy T-62-P-1 2011-10-01 2015-09-30 PDF
Kimbell Ranch Land Acquisition, Love County WT-2-L-1 2011-06-01 2014-09-22 PDF
The Impacts of Flow Alterations on Crayfishes in Southeastern Oklahoma with an Emphasis on the Mena Crayfish T-60-R-1 2011-06-01 2014-05-31 PDF
Evaluating Environmental Flow Requirements for Freshwater Mussels of the Mountain Fork, Kiamichi and Little Rivers T-59-R-1 2011-06-01 2014-05-30 PDF
Determining Factors Affecting the Distribution of Fish and Crayfish in the Ozark Region of Oklahoma T-58-R-1 2011-06-01 2014-05-30 PDF
Developing a Multiple Spatial Scale Model to Predict the Distribution of Freshwater Mussel Assemblages in the Small Rivers of Southeastern Oklahoma T-57-R-1 2011-06-01 2014-12-31 PDF
McFarland Ranch Land Acquisition, Beaver County WT-1 2010-09-01 2012-08-31 PDF
Population Size Estimation of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat at Important Maternity Roosts in Oklahoma T-55-R-1 2010-08-23 2013-07-31 PDF
Survey and Status of Freshwater Mussels in the Poteau River T-54-1 2010-07-01 2012-06-30 PDF
Effects of Hydrologic Alteration on Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Lee Creek, Oklahoma T-53-1 2010-07-01 2013-06-30 PDF
A Survey of Alligator Snapping Turtles and Other Turtle Species in Three Northeast Oklahoma Rivers T-52-1 2010-07-01 2014-06-30 PDF
Development and Implementation of Fish and Wildlife Resources Impact Review Programs  T-15-P-2 2010-07-01 2011-06-30 PDF
A Survey of the Freshwater Turtles in Eastern Oklahoma T-51-1 2009-05-06 2012-04-30 PDF
Swainson's Warbler Status Assessment in Oklahoma T-21-P-1 2008-07-01 2009-06-30 PDF
Oklahoma Paddlefish Research for Conservation Management T-50-1 2007-10-01 2009-12-31 PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Mammals: Development of Website - Collection of Vertebrates T-47-P-1 2006-12-31 2009-06-30 PDF
Using Tree Ring Analysis to Determine Fire History in the Oklahoma Ozarks T-46-P-1 2006-12-31 2011-12-30 PDF
Subregional Mapping of the Ozark and Arkansas Valley Regions T-45-P-1 2006-12-31 2009-12-30 PDF
Development of the Oklahoma State Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan T-44-P-1 2006-12-18 2009-06-30 PDF
Conservation Planning in the Oaks and Prairies Bird Conservation Region T-43-P-1 2006-10-01 2012-09-30 PDF
Status of Macroinvertebrate and Fish Assembages in the Samall Rivers of the Tallgrass Prairie T-40-P-1 2006-07-01 2009-12-30 PDF
Restoration of Open Woodland and Savannah Communities through Selective Thinning on The Nature Conservancy's Nickel Preserve T-41-P-1 2006-07-01 2009-12-31 PDF
WAFWA Interstate Grassland Conservation Coordination T-39-P-1 2006-07-01 2010-06-30 PDF
Migrant Shorebirds and Habitat Quality of Isolated Wetlands in the Mixed Grass Prairie Region T-37-P-1 2006-07-01 2009-06-30 PDF
Surveys for Rare Mussel Species and Determination of Hydrological Characteristics of Mussel Habitat in Southeast Oklahoma T-38-P-1 2006-06-01 2008-05-31 PDF
Evaluating Conversion of Old World Bluestem Monocultures to Native Plant Communities T-36-P-1 2006-06-01 2009-05-31 PDF
Inventory of Reptiles and Amphibians on Oklahoma Wildlife Management Areas T-35-P-1 2006-06-01 2011-05-31 PDF
Subregional Mapping of the Tallgrass Prairie CWCS Region T-34-P-1 2006-06-01 2009-08-31 PDF
Development of the Shortgrass Prairie Region Species of Greatest Conservation Need Conservation Assessment and Conservation Strategy T-33-P-1 2006-04-01 2014-03-31 PDF
State Wildlife Grants Coordination T-2-P-2 2006-01-01 2013-06-30 PDF
Conversion of the Oklahoma Gap Vegetation Map for Habitat Analysis of Species of Greatest Conservation Need T-32-P-1 2005-10-01 2007-03-31 PDF
Status and Habitat Affinity for Cerulean Warblers and Other Forest Birds in Eastern Oklahoma T-31-P-1 2005-09-01 2008-08-31 PDF
Patch Burn Management: Enhancing Habitat for Imperiled Grassland Bird Species T-30-P-1 2005-09-01 2008-08-31 PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Mammals: Data Capture and Georeferencing of OSU Collection of Vertebrates T-29-P-1 2005-08-01 2007-12-31 PDF
Oklahoma Mammals Database: Prepartion of Data From the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History T-28-P-1 2005-08-01 2007-07-31 PDF
Reproductive Timing and Success of Freshwater Mussels in the Little River, Oklahoma T-27-P-1 2005-07-01 2008-12-30 PDF
Status and Demography of Grassland Raptors of Conservation Concern in the Oklahoma Panhandle T-26-P-1 2005-07-01 2008-12-31 PDF
A Herpetological Survey of the Black Mesa Ecoregion and Surrounding Area T-24-P-1 2005-06-01 2008-05-31 PDF
Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas T-25-P-1 2004-12-01 2010-11-30 PDF
Survey of Mammals of Special Concern in Western Oklahoma T-23-P-1 2004-09-15 2007-12-31 PDF
Effects of Land Cover Change in Sandy Sanders, Packsaddle and Cooper Wildlife Management Areas on State Birds of Greatest Conservation Need T-22-P-1 2004-09-15 2009-09-14 PDF
Development of Inter-Agency Rare Species Data Sharing and Exchange for Statewide Wildlife Conservation Planning T-20-P-1 2004-06-15 2010-11-30 PDF
Fluvial Geomorphology Analysis of the Kiamichi River, Oklahoma T-19-P-1 2004-06-01 2006-06-30 PDF
Assessment of Ecological Distrubance to a Cross Timber Habitat T-18-P-1 2004-06-01 2007-05-31 PDF
Wildlife Habitat in Oklahoma Territory and the Chickasaw Nation, Circa 1870 T-17-P-1 2004-06-01 2007-12-31 PDF
Faunal Survey of Oklahoma Cave and Springs T-16-P-1 2004-06-01 2008-05-31 PDF
Development and Implementation of Fish and Wildlife Resources Impact Review Programs T-15-P-1 2004-04-19 2007-06-30 PDF
The Freshwater Mussels of Oklahoma T-14-P-1 2003-10-01 2005-09-30 PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Fishes: Preparation of Data from the SNOMNH T-13-P-1 2003-10-01 2007-03-31 PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Fishes: Preparation of Data from Oklahoma State University T-12-P-1 2003-10-01 2006-09-30 PDF
Surveys and Studies of Oklahoma Crayfish and the Grotto Salamander T-11-P-1 2003-08-18 2005-06-30 PDF
Physiological Determination of Mussel Sensitivity to Water Management Practices in the Kiamichi River and Review and Summarization of Literature T-10-P-1 2003-08-11 2005-09-30 PDF
Instream Flow Modeling for Mussels and Fishes in Southeastern Oklahoma Rivers T-8-P-1 2003-07-28 2005-06-30 PDF
Review and Summarization of Literature Pertaining to the Ecosystem Flow Requirements for the Kiamich River Above Hugo Lake and Little River Watershed in Oklahoma T-7-P-1 2003-07-28 2007-06-30 PDF
North American Bird Conservation Initiative Planning for Oklahoma T-9-P-1 2003-07-28 2011-07-24 PDF
Genetic Variation Within and Among Natural and Captive Populations of Alligator Snapping Turtles in Oklahoma T-5-P-1 2003-07-01 2006-06-30 PDF
Oklahoma Paddlefish Information for Conservation Management T-3-P-1 2003-01-24 2007-12-31 PDF
Development of the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy T-2-P-1 2002-11-15 2005-12-31 PDF