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American Crow

A black bird with a large bill crouches on a limb.
Peter Nelson/CC BY-NC 2.0



A familiar, large bird with entirely black plumage, a stout bill and a rounded tip to its tail.


Approximately 15-20 inches in length. 33.5-39.5 inch wingspan.


Occurs in most habitat types except for shortgrass prairies. Family groups travel over large areas that often encompass multiple habitat types. Increasingly found in urban and residential areas.

Life Cycle

Usually found in small family groups of 3 to 15 birds. It’s too large to perch on most bird feeders, so it’s usually found on the ground. It will use platform-style feeders. At feeders it eats corn, nuts, suet, black-oil sunflower seeds, peanuts and miracle meal. Away from feeders, crows forage for insects, seeds, nuts, acorns and occasionally small reptiles and rodents. They are also known to scavenge animal carcasses.

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